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Healthcare & Medical CPD Events in January 2019

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Caldicott Guardian Training Course

    This one day course provides practical Caldicott Training for both new and more experienced Caldicott Guardians – their deputies and others – involved in applying the Caldicott Principles across a wide range of organisations. It provides sound foundations for those seeking to expand their understanding of the Caldicott Guardian Role and its function within Information Governance / and inspiration as to how it can be implemented and developed in their own organisations. The content is based on the latest national guidance including the Caldicot Guardian Manual.  Christopher Fincken Member UK Caldicott Guardian Council (Chairman 2012-2017) facilitates the course and brings over 18 years of personal experience of leading innovations in the application of the Caldicott Principles. This interesting and informative course is fully interactive and participants in small groups will face a number of case study challenges throughout the day building personal knowledge understanding and confidence.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    NHS Complaints Summit 2019

    This National Summit focuses on delivering a person-centred approach to complaints handling / investigation / resolution and learning. Through national updates / practical case studies and in depth expert sessions the conference aims to improve the effectiveness of complaints handling within your service and ensure that complaints lead to change and improvements in patient care.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    The Caldicott Guardian & The Police: Information sharing between the police and health services for prevention and early intervention and care purposes

    This conference focuses on Information sharing between the police and health services for prevention / early intervention and care purposes. The conference look at principles of information sharing and understanding when to disclose and when not to – the conference will include case studies from proactive information sharing for example in domestic violence cases for early intervention and also reactive information sharing when an incident has occurred.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Transforming Acute Care for Frail Older People: Recognising and Responding to Frailty

    This conference focuses on the important issue of transforming acute care for people with frailty: improving the quality of care for people with frailty and supporting them to stay out of hospital. Redesign of acute frailty services is crucial to meeting increasing demand and improving the quality of life for older people.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Decision Making and Mental Capacity: Implementing the 2018 NICE Guidance

    This conference focuses on implementing the recently published 2018 NICE Guidance on Decision Making and Mental Capacity and improving the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act in Practice in line with the new recommendations.

  • The Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health

    Optimising fertility preservation

    With improved survival rates in cancer; compromised fertility as a result of cancer therapy has a significant role in reduced quality of life. The potential for fertility preservation must be considered prior to treatment especially when treatment has curative intent. Options available will depend on time available prior to treatment and medical fitness of the individual. There are several fertility preservation techniques in the female and most involve surgical procedures. The outcome of these procedures are improving but communication between teams remain a key feature to provide the best deal for the patient.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Patient Experience Insight Summit: Demonstrating Responsiveness to Feedback

    This conference will focus on measuring / understanding and acting on patient experience insight and demonstrating responsiveness to that insight to improve care. Through national updates and case study presentations the conference will support you to measure / monitor and improve patient experience in your service and demonstrate responsiveness to the feedback you receive. Sessions will include learning from patients / a national update / practical sessions focusing on delivering a patient experience based culture / measuring patient experience / using the June 2018 National Patient Experience Improvement Framework / demonstrating insight and responsiveness in real time / using patient experience to drive improvement / changing the way we think about patient experience / and learning from excellence in patient experience practice.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Adult Safeguarding in Hospitals: Improving Adult Safeguarding Practice

    This conference focuses the important issue of improving adult safeguarding practice in a hospital setting. Through national developments and practical case studies the conference will provide you with an essential guide to improving adult safeguarding in your service. The conference will discuss the implementation of the new 2018 intercollegiate guidance ‘Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Healthcare Staff’ supporting you to ensure competence in practice and will update delegates on essential legal developments in adult safeguarding including the implications of the Liberty Protection Safeguards and the 2018 Mental Capacity Amendment Bill which have major implications for healthcare. 

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Care of Dying Adults in the Last Days of Life: Improving Care and Ensuring Adherence to the NICE National Quality Standard

    Through national updates and practical case studies the conference will focus on improving care of adults in the last days of life. Sessions will focus on putting personal experience first – monitoring adherence against the national NICE standards in practice – alignment of care with the preferences and needs of the dying person and those important to them – predicting and recognising last days of life and managing uncertainty / developing individual care plans and goals / symptom control and hydration and effective prescribing including anticipatory prescribing at the end of life.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Improving Physical Health Outcomes for people with Mental Health Conditions

    This conference takes a practical case study based approach to assessing / monitoring and improving the physical health outcomes of people with mental health conditions. There is a focus on early intervention – and through learning from organisations that have succeeded in addressing the challenge of improving the physical health of people with mental health conditions.

  • MA Exhibitions

    8th National Aesthetic Nursing Conference

    The 8th National Aesthetic Nursing Conference will bring together aesthetic nurses; mobile aesthetic practitioners; NHS nurses who are considering moving in to aesthetic practice; aesthetic doctors; clinic managers to discuss ageing and advancing aesthetic practices.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    When a Twin dies - supporting parents and families

    Explore the impact that the death of a twin (or multiple) can have on a family; drawing on current research and learning from the neonatal butterfly project

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Polypharmacy: Effective Management & Stopping Medicines Safely

    This conference focuses on polypharmacy: the effective management and stopping medicines safely in line with the new RPS Guidance.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Information Governance NHS Summit 2019: Ensuring Compliance with GDPR in Health and Social care

    This National Conference focuses on Information Governance in Health and Social Care – ensuring demonstrable compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018. Through national updates / expert led extended interactive sessions and practical case studies the conference will support you to ensure compliance in your service. The conference will also look at the implications of data breaches and effective reporting and management of information governance serious incidents.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Hip Fracture Summit 2019: Ensuring Adherence to the NICE National Quality Standard and Learning from the NHFD Findings

    This important and timely conference will focus on improving care for hip fracture patients – learning from the  NHFD findings and improving progress against the NICE quality standard for hip fracture. Through national updates and practical cases studies the conference will highlight best practice in hip fracture care – improving the care pathway and outcomes. The conference will also feature an extended session on improving hip fracture care beyond the acute hospital – delivering early supported discharge / improving care across the hip fracture super-spell / secondary prevention / and improving follow up

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Optimising Anticoagulation Therapy: Delivering Excellence in Outcomes and Patient Safety

    This conference focuses on optimising anticoagulation therapy for all patients: improving outcomes and patient safety.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Reducing & Managing Pressure Ulcers at the End of Life: Second National Conference

    This national conference focuses on the reduction and management of pressure ulcers at the end of life – from risk assessment to controlling pain and discomfort in the last days of life.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

    Facilitated by Kate Hill – Solicitor – InPractice this interactive and practical course will provide a structured approach to incident investigation from an initial understanding of the legal and factual context / through to information collection / analysis / the report and writing a final action plan.

  • King's College London

    Clinical Skills Workshop on Maudsley Model of Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults (MANTRA)

    This workshop will teach participants key elements and techniques of MANTRA for different stages of treatment and how to sequence and integrate these in the treatment of adults with AN. Participants will learn: (1) key strategies for the initial phase of treatment; (2) to develop a collaborative MANTRA case conceptualization; (3) how to work with core maintaining factors such as emotional avoidance and cognitive inflexibility in AN; (4) how to involve close others in treatment.

  • Exemplar Health Care

    Healthcare Leadership and Managing Organisational Change: Insights from Exemplar Health Care.

    Exemplars Head of Service Develop and HR Change Lead will provide an afternoon of learning around Clinical Nurse Leadership and Highly Effective Teams and Managing Organisation Change in Healthcare

  • Forum Business Media

    GP CQC Inspections Conference

    Having spoken with the industry we are finding that many practices are still lacking detail on how to get that exclusive outstanding rating. Therefore; we have created a practical event that will provide guides; checklists; case studies from peers and insights from an inspector’s perspective. Our agenda has been created with direct input from the industry so we will be sure to cover all questions and uncertainties you have surrounding how to get rated as outstanding during your next inspection.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    How to Write a Witness Statement

    Healthcare professionals are now being asked to write witness statements for internal inquiries – Individual Management Reviews -Coroner’s Inquests and so on. Being able to write an excellent witness statement is an essential skill for all healthcare professionals regardless of specialty or designation. This one-day course will provide delegates with the skills to produce robust and helpful evidence. The course will also cover excellence in contemporaneous record keeping.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Handling Concerns about Fitness to Practise: Managing Complaints and Concerns about Nurses and supporting Nurses in Difficulty

    The conference will support you to improve processes and practice with regard to handling complaints and concerns about nurses and midwives in light of the NMC new approach to fitness to practise which was launched in September 2018. The conference will include national developments and case studies from experienced Directors of Nursing at NHS Trusts on how to effectively manage complaints or concerns about nursing practice whilst supporting the nurse involved and ensuring patient safety. The conference will update delegates on the revised NMC fitness to practise procedures which put more emphasis on local resolution.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Quality Summit 2019 Meeting and Measuring Progress against the CQC Quality Ratings

    This National Quality Summit focuses on driving improvement in meeting and measuring progress against the CQC Quality Ratings. The conference aims to bring together clinicians and managers leading on quality improvement to understand current issues and the national context and to debate and discuss key issues and areas they are facing in practice in meeting the CQC Quality Ratings. Through case studies from organisations that have been rated outstanding and extended interactive sessions the event will support you to both measure / monitor and meet the standards / and develop the leadership skills and culture to ensure continuous quality improvement. The conference will also look at future developments including how the CQC’s trust-level quality ratings (i.e. safe – caring – effective – responsive and well-led) will combine with NHS Improvement’s Use of Resources rating to produce an overall trust-level rating and how to measure quality across services and organisations.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Clinical Audit Masterclass

    This one day clinical audit masterclass will provide you with a full understanding of why clinical audit is important to organisations – teams and individuals (e.g. helping to meet your revalidation requirements)

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Transforming Outpatient Services National Summit

    The conference opens with National Developments followed by case studies focusing on improving quality – efficiency and meeting the Care Quality Commission Quality Ratings in outpatients.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Developing the role of the Nursing Associate: Fourth National Conference

    This conference will update delegates on the Nursing Associate role –understanding the elements of this new role; and how the role will be delivered in practice. Through national updates and case studies from the Nursing Associate test sites – and perspectives from Nursing Associate Trainees the conference will look at the developing role / regulation of the role / accountability / competence and how you can prepare for the introduction of the role in your service. Case studies will look at experiences in acute trusts / community trusts and general practice

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Improving Radiology Reporting: Digital Imaging Summit 2019

    This conference focuses on the important issue of improving radiology reporting turnaround times. The 2018 national review of radiology reporting within the NHS in England by the Care Quality Commission found huge variation in radiology reporting highlighting trusts that had backlogs of 33400 unreported images (the oldest images had been waiting to be reported for eight months).

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    The Mental Capacity Act: A Change in Practice - Capacity and Best Interest Assessments

    This Masterclass will consider how the current Mental Capacity Act applies to day-to-day practice with a focus on capacity and best interest assessments and how these can protect the healthcare practitioner and improve patient care.  Delegates will have the opportunity to raise issues and concerns specific to their own practice.  The course will be run by a Healthcare Lawyer – and will be case study led.

  • Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Limited

    Managing and Working in a Safer Dispensing Practice

    This is an informative and interactive training session which looks to examine dispensary practices & behaviour and provide advice to improve the accuracy in the dispensing process. It will highlight how to best handle those near misses and significant events. The session will also cover the dispensing of Monitored Dosage Systems in Dispensing Practice.

  • Convenzis Group

    6th Health & Justice Summit: Safety through Continuity

    A 2 day summit jointly organised by the RCGP Secure Environments Group; Broadmoor; Ashworth and Rampton high secure hospitals; Spectrum; Care UK; NHS England; Martindale Pharma; Nottinghamshire. Following on from our successful event in Glasgow in 2017; we are now focusing on ‘Continuity of Care – safety through continuity’ as this years theme. Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board; HMP Berwyn; West London Mental Health Trust; Mersey Care NHS Trust

  • MA Exhibitions

    Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe 2019

    The international Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Europe conference; now in its 4th year; is focused on the practical aspects of managing complex hernias and abdominal wall defects; including general; reconstructive and aesthetic surgical techniques. The Faculty is made up of national and international experts; who will share their best practice and innovations.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    An introduction to loss; grief and bereavement

    Deepen your understanding of bereavement and your skills in bereavement support for parents and children facing loss.

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