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Healthcare & Medical CPD Events in February 2019

  • MA Exhibitions

    6th National Gastrointestinal Nursing Conference

    1 day lecture-based conference. An insight into how nurses can help patients prepare their bowels for endoscopy; A look at ways to support the mental health and psychological wellbeing of patients with chronic gastrointestinal conditions; Practical approaches to the challenges faced by obese gastrointestinal patients; Strategies for raising the profile of nursing and demonstrating the value of the vital contribution that nurses make to healthcare; Guidance for potential authors who wish to overcome barriers to writing up and publishing quality research and evaluations; An overview of what clinical nurse specialists bring to the health service and how nurses can flourish in this role; Steps for building the knowledge and confidence to get a handle on health-service finance.
  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Caldicott Principles & Information Sharing for Children & Young People

    Healthcare Conferences UK in association with Christopher Fincken – Independent Member UK Caldicott Guardian Council (Chairman 2012-2017) & Caldicott Guardian at Marie Curie – are pleased to announce this Conference which will focus on Information Sharing and Caldicott Principles in the health and social care of children and young adults.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Preventing Suicide in Young People & Children

    Chaired by Karen Mellanby (Director of Networks and Communities – Mind) and with opening presentations from a young patient leader – the Royal College of Psychiatrists and NHS England – this one day conference will look at how you can reduce preventable suicides and save young lives in your service.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Making Hospitals Safe for People with Diabetes

    This conference focuses on making hospitals safe for people with diabetes – improving inpatient diabetes care.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Saving Babies Lives: Reducing Still Birth

    This conference focuses on the important issue of Saving Babies Lives: Reducing Stillbirth.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Smoking Cessation in Mental Health

    By attending this one day Smoking Cessation in Mental Health conference you will benefit from national updates/case studies and extended interactive sessions.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Self Neglect and Adult Safeguarding

    This conference which features extended interactive masterclass focuses on the difficult issue of self neglect and adult safeguarding.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Reducing and improving the use of Restrictive Interventions & Practice

    This conference will focus on reducing restrictive interventions in line with national guidance and ensuring adherence to the 2018 National NICE Quality Standard on Violence and Aggression.

  • Convenzis Group

    Digital Primary Care Congress: The Information Revolution

    Digital systems are the foundation upon which we will build a modern; efficient and responsive health service. Enabling information to flow between care providers within and beyond organisational boundaries; and between care providers and patients; is a key means by which we will achieve a safe; convenient and personalised health and care service. Join us in February 2019 as we delve into the world of Digital Primary Care; our Digital Primary Care: The Information Revolution conference has been developed to advise GP Surgery’s and Clinical Commissioning Groups on the current tools in place to help them harness technology and drive efficiency.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    IV Therapy Summit: Difficult Venous Access & Improving Practice with uncompliant patients

    This conference focuses on IV access: managing uncompliant patients and patients with difficult venous access.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Controlled Drugs Summit: Ensuring the Safer Management of Controlled Drugs: Diversion & Abuse; Prescribing & Use

    The national controlled drugs summit focuses on the safe use/prescribing and management of controlled drugs including monitoring adherence against the NICE guidance on the safe use and management of controlled drugs.

  • Engaging Safety

    Manual Handling

    An interactive half-day course suitable for people at all levels who carry out manual handling while undertaking their daily duties at work. The course uses the latest statistics and HSE guidance documents and gives a detailed explanation of how to avoid injury to the individuals and the consequences of unsafe actions.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    When a child dies – supporting parents and families

    Explore the impact of the death of a child on a family and build your confidence and skills when communicating with and supporting grieving families.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    A Practical Guide to the Prevention and Management of Heel Pressure Ulcers

    This conference focuses on a practical guide to eliminating heel pressure ulcers and improving care and treatment in your service from prevention and risk assessment to management and treatment.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Improving Cancer Diagnosis: Meeting the 28 Day National Faster Diagnosis Standard

    The recommendation from the Independent Cancer Taskforce was for 95% of patients to receive a definitive diagnosis or ruling out of cancer within 28 days of a referral. This conference focuses on implementation of the new 28 day standard in practice including learning from the pilot sites.

  • Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Limited

    Effective Time Management

    Time management is the ability to know how to plan your time and how to utilise it well and is therefore a very important skill to have within a busy GP Practice. This course is designed to help you improve your time management skills by using a variety of tools and techniques to achieve specific tasks; projects and goals. You will learn some of the elements of effective time management including self-awareness; creating a productive environment; setting priorities; reducing distractions; effective delegation; upward management; managing the stress of a busy workload and working towards a healthy work life balance.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    Communicating with families when children have a life-limiting condition and complex needs

    Gain a deeper understanding of families’ needs and the difficulties they may face from diagnosis onwards.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Caldicott Guardian Training Course

    This one day course provides practical Caldicott Training for both new and more experienced Caldicott Guardians – their deputies and others – involved in applying the Caldicott Principles across a wide range of organisations. It provides sound foundations for those seeking to expand their understanding of the Caldicott Guardian Role and its function within Information Governance / and inspiration as to how it can be implemented and developed in their own organisations.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Investigation and Learning from Deaths in NHS Trusts

    This National Conference focuses on improving the investigation and learning from deaths in NHS Trusts following the National CQC and NQB guidance and Department of Health reporting requirements.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Nurse Prescribing Leadership Summit 2019

    This Summit bring together Nurse prescribers to understand current issues and the national context and to debate and discuss key issues and areas they are facing in practice.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Improving Sexual Safety on Mental Health Wards

    This conference focuses Improving Sexual Safety on Mental Health Wards in response to the concerns raised by the Care Quality Commission.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Improving the Quality of Ambulance Services: Meeting and Measuring Progress against the CQC Quality Ratings

    This conference focuses on improving the quality of ambulance services and meeting and measuring progress against the CQC Quality Ratings. The conference aims to bring together clinicians and managers leading on quality improvement to understand current issues and the national context and to debate and discuss key issues and areas they are facing in practice in meeting the CQC Quality Ratings in ambulance services.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Optimisation of Electronic Prescribing in Hospitals National Summit 2019

    This National Summit will focus on the optimisation of Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration (HePMA). The summit will examine the development of electronic prescribing systems towards advanced eprescribing and ensuring the full clinical benefits are achieved.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Falls Prevention Summit 2019: Reducing Inpatient Falls & Harm from Inpatient Falls

    This national falls summit focuses on reducing inpatient falls and harm from inpatient falls. Through national updates/practical case studies and learning from the 2017 National Audit of Inpatient Falls the conference will provide a step by step guide to implementing the multiple interventions that have been proven to reduce falls in your service.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Root Cause Analysis: 2 Day Intensive Training Course

    Facilitated by Kate Hill – Solicitor – InPractice this interactive and practical course will provide a structured approach to incident investigation from an initial understanding of the legal and factual context / through to information collection / analysis / the report and writing a final action plan.

  • Spinal Injuries Association

    Continence Matters: introduction to managing the neurogenic bowel in spinal cord injury

    This Study Day is a new event aimed at increasing delegates’ understanding of the impact of spinal cord injury (SCI) on bowel function; and; also; through clinical presentations and product engagement; raise awareness of different management methods. The day will have a strong interactive element; where delegates will have the opportunity to view product demos facilitated by four invited exhibitors; which; with the knowledge gained through the presentations; will enable them to improve bowel care provision for individuals with SCI.

  • MA Exhibitions

    17th National Conference for Current Issues in Midwifery

    The 17th National Conference for Current Issues in Midwifery will provide an understanding of the current challenges; updates and issues faced by those working in midwifery. This event assembles some of the most highly respected professionals working in the field of maternity care; presenting an excellent arena for all midwives; midwifery managers; student midwives and lecturers to discuss the hot topics on today’s midwifery agenda.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Masterclass: Restrictive Interventions in Physical and Mental Healthcare Settings: The legal framework

    Healthcare professionals may not think that they use restrictive interventions but enhanced observations/physical restraint/mechanical restraint/manual restraint/rapid tranquilisation/searches/seclusion and long-term segregation are all considered to be restrictive interventions and should be used with appropriate policies and procedures in place. It is important that restrictive interventions are used appropriately/legally and ethically and also part of a care programme aimed at reducing the interventions.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    A Practical Guide to Successful Consultant Job Planning

    We are pleased to announce the seventh national Job Planning Conference. The conference aims to bring together those leading and improving the effectiveness of Job planning to understand current issues and the national context and to debate and discuss key issues and areas they are facing in practice.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Improving Dementia Care in Hospital: Ensuring Adherence to the NICE 2018 Guideline

    This conference focuses on improving Dementia Care in Hospital ensuring adherence to the 2018 NICE Guidelines and learning from the National Dementia Audit. Case studies and extended sessions will demonstrate best practice in delivering a dementia friendly hospital and ensuring best practice and care for people with dementia.

  • Healthcare Conferences UK

    Clinical Leadership Masterclass

    Leadership in the NHS is the responsibility of all staff. This one day introduction to Leadership will allow all medical and non-medical staff to learn about their personal leadership styles and how they can lead their teams.

  • MA Exhibitions

    Current Issues in Gastroenterology: a focus on IBD

    The Gastroenterology study days look at the challenges faced in day to day practice; with highly relevant lectures and sessions. There is an opportunity for questions and discussion after each lecture; providing delegates with an interactive experience. These one day masterclasses will give you the opportunity to hear from key opinion leaders and share knowledge with your peers

  • I.S.C. SRL

    EDMR and Mindfulness - Redefining the Paradigm for Trauma Focused Care with Jamie Marich

    For the past 2600 years; Buddhist mindfulness and the therapies and practices connected to this system of healing have contributed to psychological and spiritual relief for millions of people. Over the last 25 years; our understanding and the treatment of trauma related disorders and difficulties have progressed; with Francine Shapiro’s development of EMDR therapy and the AIP model representing a particular highlight. In this workshop; participants are challenged to consider how fusing two systems of healing; mindfulness-informed interventions and trauma focused care guided by the EMDR approach to psychotherapy can revolutionize the helping profession’s delivery of trauma responsive services.

  • MA Exhibitions

    Current Issues in Gastroenterology: a focus on IBD

    The Gastroenterology study days look at the challenges faced in day to day practice; with highly relevant lectures and sessions. There is an opportunity for questions and discussion after each lecture; providing delegates with an interactive experience. These one day masterclasses will give you the opportunity to hear from key opinion leaders and share knowledge with your peers

  • Convenzis Group

    2nd Patient Flow: The Future of Urgent and Emergency Care Congress

    In July 2018 the Convenzis Group hosted the 1st Patient Flow: Health and Care Improvement for Urgent and Emergency Care congress; due to the success and popularity of the event we will be hosting the 2nd event in London on the 27th of February 2019. Across the NHS; staff work around the clock to deliver the best possible care to more patients than ever before; but it’s becoming increasingly difficult as demand continues to rise. The current system is under increasing pressure so NHS England wants to improve the urgent and emergency care (UEC) system so patients get the right care in the right place; whenever they need it. NHS England has set in place a series of pilots and programmes that will help to manage the current demand that the Urgent and emergency care services face; our conference will give you first hand insight into these impending changes.

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