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Engineering CPD Events in May 2019

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Measurement

    Day 1. The seminar will introduce delegates to gear geometry inspection. Providing manufacturers with the knowledge to select appropriate measurement methods and equipment; appreciate the importance of applying good measurement practice and how to correctly interpret measurement results. Day 2. Using gear measuring instruments in a pass/fail process fails to maximise the investment made in measuring equipment and the potential to improve the manufacturing process. Strategies for interpreting measurement results and identifying the cause of the measured errors will be presented. Calibration procedures demonstrated to quantify measurement capability and identify common causes of measurement errors.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Cutting & Measurement

    The Seminar will cover: Basic involute gear theory; terms and definitions for spur and helical gears including: Gear terms and definitions; Introduction to the involute form and its construction/tables; Calculations on the above; Practical work on the measurement of gears including calculations on the following: Chordal tooth settings for gear tooth Vernier; Constant chord settings to gear tooth Vernier; Base tangent micrometer settings; Distance over rollers measurement; Basic principles of gear hobbing and shaping. Selection of index and feed change gears. Practical work – setting up and producing spur & helical gears by hobbing and shaping using a Maxicut 2A shaping machine and Sykes H150 hobbing machine.

  • RINA Tech UK Limited

    Introduction to Lightning Protection

    Ideal for those involved in the protection of infrastructure and electrical systems this course covers both the science behind lightning and the methods by which protection may be achieved. Designing; testing; earthing and bonding techniques as well as lightning standards are explored in this thorough induction.

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