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Education CPD Events in June 2019

  • Merimna Institute

    Inlays & Onlays - Step by Step Approach From A to Z

    Dental inlays and onlays are a dental procedure that is used to restore a decayed or damaged tooth to its original condition and can actually strengthen it. They are a more conservative approach than a dental crown because they don’t involve the removal of healthy tooth structure. For this reason inlays and onlays are considered a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment and for many dentists and patients is a much better choice. A crown although not a bad procedure; involves the removal of more healthy tooth structure than needed and can increase the risk of tooth fracture and the need for a root canal treatment.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    Supporting bereaved children and young people with additional needs

    Develop confidence and understanding with new skills and resources to appropriately support bereaved children and young people with learning disabilities.

  • British Educational Suppliers Association

    LearnED Bristol

    Series of FREE one-day ‘best practice’ educational technology training roadshows organised by BESA in partnership with the Department for Education.

  • CEL&T Training and Development

    An Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences: ACEs

    Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (2) webinar course

  • CEL&T Training and Development

    An Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences: ACEs

    Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (2) Webinar course

  • Information Day for Professionals

    Queen Alexandra College (QAC) is a national; residential College that supports a diverse range of student abilities and needs. We offer an innovative; holistic approach to learning and support. These events provide the opportunity to meet our staff and students and discover more about QAC.

  • Child Bereavement UK

    Children and young people - Loss; death and grief

    Enhance your understanding of grieving children and young people; whilst building your confidence in communicating with them.

  • British Educational Suppliers Association

    LearnED Reading

    Series of FREE one-day ‘best practice’ educational technology training roadshows organised by BESA in partnership with the Department for Education.

  • King's College London

    Twin Model Fitting (Open MX) Course

    This 4-day course will teach the basic principles of the twin model as well as the basic skills to analyse twin data by teaching delegates how to write simple scripts and how to interpret the output. The lectures and practicals will cover: (i) introduction to R and OpenMx; (ii) univariate and multivariate models applied to continuous raw data; (iii) univariate liability threshold models (ordinal data); (iv) sex-limitation models; (v) GxE interaction models; (vi) Children-of-Twin models. In addition; we cover the basic concepts of structural equation modelling like: matrix algebra; path tracing; model identification; maximum likelihood estimation and power.

  • Maddox Events

    Women in Sport Summit

    Be inspired and supercharge your career…let’s revolutionise the business of sports.Join a vibrant community of 400 professionals; discover opportunities for your organisation from speakers with deep industry insight; develop your D&I strategies; and learn how to achieve your personal goals.The Women in Sport Summit is brought to you by the creators of the world’s largest Women in Technology Event Series. Our goal is to empower individuals and assist companies in reshaping their culture to improve equality.The sports industry is worth over Ł20 billion and provides over 400 000 jobs to the UK population; but gender equality is still a major issue among business professionals and athletes.This conference will drive progress by tackling the biggest challenges facing the industry; while highlighting women’s crucial role in the sector’s growth. Through its solutions-focused approach; the event will provide delegates with the skills and confidence they need to realise their ambitions at work.Be inspired by success stories from industry experts; business leaders and professional sportspeople. Meet like-minded people and expand your network. Gather ideas about how to effect change in your own organisation. Learn skills to help you to advance your career and grow professionally.You will leave the Women in Sport Summit empowered and energised to drive progress; both in your workplace and in your career.

  • Maddox Events

    Women in Sales Summit

    Learn how to champion diversity on sales teams across each and every industry in a range of inspiring debates and intimate workshops led by the UK’s top salespeople. It’s time to change the face of sales!For three years; Maddox Events has been shaking up a wide variety of industries; and driving progress on the diversity and inclusion agenda through a range of sell-out global events. Now the time has come to revolutionise Sales!Recent progress has been made in many industries to bring women’s salaries in line with their male peers. And yet; female sales directors are still paid 38% less than men in the UK. We also know that globally men outnumber women in sales roles by a ratio of almost 2:1 and that the percentage of women working in sales leadership roles has remained flat over the past decade. It’s time to change this.Through inspirational keynotes; mind-stretching panel discussions and interactive career development workshops; this conference will empower you with the knowledge; skills and network that you need to excel in your career and drive diversity within your organisation.This is a must-attend event for anyone who has ever experienced moments when their authority or credibility has been challenged based on their gender; or who is passionate about putting an end to sexism passed off as banter.By tackling the causes we can change the effect. Our aim is to teach you how to Always Be Championing women in the Sales profession.

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