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Information Technology CPD Events in November 2019

  • Qatalyst Global

    UKsec: Cyber Security for the UK Service Sector

    UKSec 2019 will bring the human factor to the core of our discussions; providing the opportunity to seek guidance; suggest and find solutions to the skills shortage industry crisis and to the lack of cyber threat awareness that renders cyber security efforts ineffective. The theme of this year’s edition is Embracing Diversity for a Collaborative Cyber-Space; as we stress the importance of acknowledging that more pressure is needed for cyber security leaders to address gender-equality and engage with minorities and experts from all backgrounds. The conference will set the scene for leaders in the industry to touch upon demands of the day; such as equal pay; inclusion; industry reputation and image; cyber security awareness and together; find inspiring solutions that would benefit the business and add value to the company’s culture and collaboration. Dedicated to senior and executive professionals in the services sector; the agenda responds to key issues affecting these industries and follows the path of digital transformation and automation; showcasing experiences; struggles and successes on how to better secure data; ensure a smooth migration to the Cloud; respond to data breaches; automatically detect threats; manage third party risks or create a strong risk discipline in the company.

  • Marcus Evans Sdn Bhd

    Board of Directors : Leadership; Culture & governance

    Today’s boards are getting the message and idea of transformation in adapting to the digital age. They have the innate ability to move with speed and agility; vision and desire; and the will to get the job done. Your board’s performance speaks volumes in your organisation and retrospective decisions can undoubtedly cause a shakeup in the boardroom. Join us in the 2-day Board of Director’s conference featuring transformative session that will help you evolve into a proactive and tech-savvy Boardroom spokesperson. Enhance your role in getting your boardroom leadership ready successfully by participating and exploring some of the key themes as below: Environment; Social and Governance (ESG): How Board’s Should Respond to Stakeholders. Boardrooms in the Digital Age: It’s About Doing Better; Not More. Endorsing Gender Diversity: True Values and Contribution of Women on Boards. Boardroom’s Virtual Reality: Governing Boards in Interconnected and Independent World. Buzzword to Boardroom: Reimagining the Organisation by Adopting AI Strategies.

  • DFA Media Ltd

    Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition

    Demystifying the jargon: How to make the digitalisation transition; will provide a practical; jargon-free opportunity to those starting out on the digital transformation process; to experience a complete smart roadmap; highlighting the incremental stages of the 4IR journey covering all aspects of the digital transformation across UK industry. Many producers are increasingly adopting automation and smart technologies that give them a competitive edge; allowing them to produce more efficiently and provide insightful information. Technologies that used to be optional are now required for plants and factories that want to remain competitive in a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Incisive Media

    Computing Cyber Security Live 2019

    Through a variety of expert key-notes; end-user case studies; and panel debates the event will cover the key issues surrounding cyber-security; how to implement the best solutions for your business; and how to raise and adopt cyber-security and risk management awareness within your personnel.

  • Access UK Ltd

    Access World 2019

    Access World is one of the software industry conferences of the year and a must-attend event for industry professionals. Attendees will learn how to transform their workplace with a series of thought provoking plenary sessions and insightful breakout streams covering key industry sectors. There’ll also be panel discussions and case studies from fellow professionals highlighting their challenges and experiences and how they’ve succeeded in their organisation. Plus there’s valuable opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals and partner organisations. Access World is a free event to attend.

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