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Security CPD Events in November 2019

  • RISC - Research & Intelligence Support Centre

    Intelligence Analysis Course (IAC)

    The course is designed for those involved in intelligence analysis work in Government; Commerce; Industry and sectors employing Intelligence Analysts.

  • CJS Event Solutions

    National Internet Intelligence and Investigations Conference 2019

    The National Police Chiefs’ Councils Annual Internet Intelligence and Investigations Conference will take place from 19 to 21 November 2019; at Hinckley Island Conference Centre; Leicestershire. This is the only annual NPCC Conference dedicated to online Investigations (Including Open Source). The success of these events; over a number of years; has made this the main annual CPD event for online Investigation practitioners; managers and strategic leads. This year’s event will demonstrate the full scope of the capability across numerous threat areas; from ‘Frontline Policing to Covert Investigations’. Drawing on examples from all areas of policing; a series of case studies will provide insight into current routine enquiries; cutting edge innovation; ethical considerations and covert authorities. The event is open to all UK Law Enforcement and Government Agencies’; practitioners; managers and key strategic leads. This event has been oversubscribed every year since its inception. Delegate numbers are limited to ensure the event remains focused and relevant

  • Whitehall Media


    The digital transformation of government is entering a new disruptive phase as key actors within the govtech space seek to revolutionise the means by which public services are delivered. This is being achieved by matching the technological innovations frequently witnessed within the tech space more broadly to the aims and ambitions of public servants. By integrating disruptive technologies such as big data; AI; ML; automation and IoT with key governmental processes which have historically been characterised as labour intensive; inefficient; and opposed to technological change; govtech leaders have begun to develop a symbiotic relationship with primary decision makers and influencers within the public sector. Done right; a perfected digital service design will produce an environment in which services are leaner; smarter; personal and cost-effective. Done wrong; and we risk embedding algorithmic biases within AI-powered decision making; failing to meet the privacy demands of individual citizens and protecting the interests of society more broadly through the mismanagement of public-private business relationships. JOIN US AT WHITEHALL MEDIA’S PRESTIGIOUS 10th ANNUAL PUBLIC SECTOR ENTERPRISE ICT CONFERENCE. Where we explore the growth of the govtech market; how government is placing govtech at the centre of its digital transformation strategy; what this means for public sectors workers and its projected societal impact. We will be showcasing the latest technology innovations; showcasing thought leadership around emerging trends and practices; and considering how govtech is a key enabler for public sector transformation allowing for greater agility; efficiencies; and cost savings.

  • Royal United Services Institute

    Tipping Point: Britain; Brexit and Security in the 2020s

    A discussion with Professor Michael Clarke; Distinguished Fellow; RUSI and Helen Ramscar; Associate Fellow; RUSI; to launch their latest book entitled ‘Tipping Point: Britain; Brexit and Security in the 2020s’.

  • Whitehall Media


    Being successful in enterprise security and risk management means challenging everyday norms. Getting the right information at the right time is critical if you are to make informed decisions; secure your systems; refine your processes and ensure survival in today’s business environment. We live in a world that is continuously changing at a rate not previously seen under any historical period. Managing risk; preparing for disaster; imagining previously unseen contexts and measuring your risk appetite are all a part of an enterprise’s duty as a global actor. The key to remember is that action conquers fear; the fear of failure; the fear of the unknown in security and risk. Safety; security; risk and seizing opportunities are everyone’s responsibility. Whitehall Media’s prestigious biannual 11th ESRM conference is set to discuss how enterprises are increasing awareness from the board down; adopting effective incidence response planning; adding threat analytics to their security response and investigating security events with robust incident forensics.

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