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Engineering CPD Events in December 2019

  • Marcus Evans Sdn Bhd

    Beyond Operational Efficiency in Manufacturing

    As we are heading into a new age of digital transformation and automation; innovative digital systems allow us to more easily streamline the production of services and goods. Automation is not only increasing the speed and precision of manufacturing; but it allows for more consistent and quality products and services. In the industry that needs to thrive on innovation; smart manufacturing is being predicted as the next industrial revolution or industry 4.0 and with many other advances in the past years; it all has to do with technology connectivity and the advances in the contextualisation of data.

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Design of Electrical Installations              

    5 day course with City & Guilds exam

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Electrical Problem Solving                         

    3 day course with Certificate of Competence

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Wind Turbine Gearbox Technology

    The benefits of attending this course include: Gaining increased confidence in diagnosing gearbox failure modes; interpreting condition monitoring data and appreciating potential problems with lubrication systems. You will achieve a fundamental understanding of how gears work and appreciate the importance of proper lubrication; manufacturing accuracy; gear and bearing alignment; material and heat treatment quality has on gearbox life. It will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding the operation; servicing; maintenance and purchase of wind turbine gearboxes and supporting services.

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Electronic Fault finding

    5 day course with Certificate of Competence

  • Technical Training Solutions

    PLC Fault Finding                                          

    3 day course with Certificate of Competence

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