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Use our CPD event calendar to find upcoming industry events to attend to help support your CPD requirements

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Finance CPD Events in January 2020

  • Aviation News Ltd

    Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Dublin 2020 conference

    A three-day conference focused on current developments and hot topics in the commercial aviation industry; with an emphasis on finance and leasing of aviation assets.

  • Fitch Learning

    How Jim Simons and a Group of Unlikely Mathematicians Solved the Market and Launched a Quantitative Revolution 

    Lessons; insights and stories from an unexpected revolution that’s transformed the world of investing. Greg Zuckerman’s; The Man Who Solved The Market has secured Simons co-operation in telling his story; from his pioneering of algorithmic forecasting in finance (quantitative investment); to the founding of his $100bn investment firm Renaissance Technologies; to the political of its two executives.

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