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Business CPD Events in February 2020

  • dmg events

    Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Summit

    A series of free-to-attend sessions providing market information and technical insights to professionals attending the exhibition and conference. It offers practical guidance and industry best practices on latest trends in the entertainment industry along with knowledge on regulations; guidelines and policies.

  • FINTECH Circle

    Paytech Innovation Conference

    Bringing together entrepreneurs; investors and PayTech experts; who exclusively share their visions and unique insights on the nature of payments and payment systems infrastructures; regulations; the impact of new technologies such as blockchain/DLT and AI as well as case studies and projections about the future of payment innovation.

  • dmg events

    INDEX Saudi Design Talks

    A series of free-to-attend sessions providing market information and technical insights to professionals attending the exhibition and conference. It offers practical guidance and industry best practices on latest trends in interior design; architecture and sustainable developments as well as case studies that are unique to commercial; residential and other real estate development projects in Saudi Arabia.

  • UWE Bristol

    Bristol Distinguished Address Series What does internationalisation mean in C21st for global corporations?”

    Bristol Distinguished Address Series What does internationalisation mean in C21st for global corporations? “Katherine will discuss her company’s approach to internationalisation. Topics to be touched on includes internationalisation v the role of continents from an economic perspective; a summary of Airbus current issues and ambitions; reflections on the Brexit debate and finally; in light of her new role as Chair of Western Gateway she is will also reflect how a nations regional strategies can best be aligned to the future evolution of business large and small.

  • Clariden Global

    Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

    Designed for professionals who are already well-versed in basic Six Sigma concepts and philosophy; this 3-day Green Belt Certification program will go deeper into Six Sigma concepts that will equip you with the latest tools and methods required to effectively lead teams to complete major projects; and be able to control and improve day-to-day quality of processes that meets the stringent quality requirements of Six Sigma. They will be engaged in extensive hands-on simulations and projects that will aid them in attaining their Six Sigma certification. Successfully adopted by over two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies to achieve world-class levels of quality in products and services; Six Sigma is a management improvement philosophy that continually strives for perfection. It focuses on reducing process variations to deliver consistent; measurable and improved results through the disciplined use of data-driven decision making.

  • Network Group Events Ltd

    UK CMO Network

    The CMO Network brings together the leaders in Marketing; Communications; Digital and Engagement from the largest enterprises globally to share best practice case studies; discuss the changes and opportunities facing the industry as well as to network with their peers in an intimate setting that is closed to the media and run under the Chatham House Rule.

  • Clariden Global

    Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

    Designed for professionals who already have a strong understanding of Six Sigma concepts and methodologies; this 5-day accelerated and intensive certification program aims to develop Six Sigma Black Belts to be reliable leaders and coaches who can confidently drive improvements with knowledge to Define the problem; Measure the gap and progress of improvement; Analyze and prioritize root causes of problems; Improve the process with viable solutions to eliminate root cause with advanced problem solving tools and Control and monitor the solution to ensure effectiveness (DMAIC process).Throughout the program; participants will find out how to apply advanced statistical tools; hypothesis testing and decision-making techniques that can be implemented immediately to help them prioritize solutions; identify and eliminate non-value added elements in their inefficient processes to ensure your ROI is positive. They will learn how to analyze your business environment; management direction and stakeholder’s expectation to competently align your strategic plans and transforming your business requirements into operational standards. They will leave the program with a strong understanding of the enterprise business processes and gain strong ability to lead teams; mentor Green Belts and successfully implement and embed the solutions to sustain new levels of business performance.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science


    This course is designed to improve your ability to conduct negotiations; not only by sharing current knowledge and research; but also by providing opportunities to practice and reflect on your skills.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Science

    Strategic Decision Making for Management

    Enhance your strategic decision making capabilities through an interdisciplinary approach that blends analysis and intuition and allows you to face the tough decisions that are often avoided; and to transform them into a smart and insightful process.

  • IQPC - Dubai

    Future Procurement Leaders

    Future Procurement Leaders event 2020 will focus not only procurement but also supply chain; category management; materials; sourcing; logistics; tendering and contacts; basically the entire ecosystem responsible for efficient procurement and delivery. From procurement technologies to supplier collaboration and ecosystem to talent; leadership and agile; the event will focus on three main areas that the procurement industries face challenges in and will delve deep into strategies and best practices from various industries and professionals

  • FINTECH Circle

    Fintech Bridge China UK Conference

    Conference to learn about the China/UK Fintech Landscape. Topics include: The belt & road initiative; regulatory comparisons and RegTech solutions for global market access. What is the UK-China green partnership. The future of AI ethics & governance

  • Socitm Ltd

    Top Talent Cardiff Day 1 & 2

    Top Talent will help you accelerate your career progress by harnessing and honing your leadership skills. Technology is changing the way we deliver public services. In these times of disruption; our sector needs leaders with vision; talent and insight. True leadership is about people; not processes. Effective leaders think critically; take risks; inspire others and innovate in order to affect change. This programme is for people who have the talent and accountability to become outstanding leaders. Those who drive change through collaboration and passion. Top Talent encourages you to focus on your unique qualities; develop confidence in your own abilities and to create impact through action: empowering those around you to the betterment of all.

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