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Finance CPD Events in May 2020

  • GLC Europe

    Auditing Projects Masterclass

    Modern internal audit functions have a key role in enabling organizations to deliver projects within cost targets; to the required quality and on time. You will develop greater understanding of how the risk-based audit approach provides the opportunity to improve the organization’s delivery of projects. Through evaluation of why projects do not achieve the desired outcome and what can be done to avoid common mistakes in project delivery; this masterclass practically demonstrates how internal auditors are able to employ a risk-based audit approach at every stage of the project to support success. This masterclass will also cover a range of key projects; common in the majority of organizations; to provide deeper understanding of how to approach auditing these projects in a practical and cost-effective way. The exercises and activities will be practical in nature and predominantly based on real life case studies or situations. In addition; there will be opportunity to discuss existing project concerns in a safe and professional environment


    ETFGI Global ETFs Insights Summit

    Utilizing its global data; analysis; and over 20 years of experience covering trends in active; index; ESG; factor; and thematic investing through ETFs and funds; ETFGI’s ‘Global ETFs Insights Summit’ offers discussions by industry leaders on how institutional investors and financial advisors can make and implement informed investment decisions.

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