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Business CPD Events in June 2020

  • London School of Public Relations

    Fundamentals of public relations (PR01)

    The practical Fundamentals of Public Relations Diploma course focuses on how to create communication campaigns; manage strong brands; create a cohesive corporate identity; predict and reduce risk; create a crisis plan and risk management strategy; protect and enhance reputation; implement CSR strategies; which are sustainable and create strategic media communications plans; which engage effectively with your target market and stakeholders.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Effective branding and reputation management strategies (PR03)

    The one day Effective Branding and Reputation Management Strategies Certificate course is highly practical and hands on; We will train you on how to create successful; engaging and effective communication strategies and campaigns for your brand; You will learn how to convert a product or service; into a successful brand

  • London School of Public Relations

    Strategic Leadership and management in contemporary public relations (PR09)

    This professional development training programme is designed to cover the fundamentals of contemporary public relations practice ; The training focuses on how to create effective external communication campaigns; create a cohesive corporate identity; predict and reduce risk and create a crisis plan and risk management strategy; The course also covers how to protect and enhance reputation; implement CSR strategies which are sustainable and create strategic media communications plans which engage effectively with your target market and stakeholders

  • Independent Publishers Guild

    The IPG Virtual Spring Conference 2020

    The 2020 Spring Conference will be an innovative web-based alternative to the IPG’s CPD-accredited and longstanding annual gathering. Hosted on a state-of-the-art digital platform; it will recreate the Conference experience by delivering presentations from experts on a wide range of publishing skills and issues. There will be a combination of live and pre-recorded content; streamed to provide material tailored for different sectors and levels of experience.The Spring Conference will also have cutting-edge interactive features to help delegates network with one another and engage with leading publishers; suppliers and service providers. The prominent training element of the event will ensure that staff who are currently placed on furlough under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme are entitled to attend as part of their ongoing professional development. Content from the Conference will remain accessible after the event to allow access by people who were unable to attend in real time.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Creating effective PR strategies and campaigns (Pr02)

    The one day Creating Effective PR Strategies and Campaigns certificated course will give you a practical understanding of how to successfully plan your PR campaigns; During the training; we will explore the principles of PR strategy; how to create excitement and engagement with your internal teams; how to identify your key audiences and create the right type of engagement; exploring the strategic planning required to create structure to your PR campaign; how to plan to budget and how to measure and evaluate campaign effectiveness; The training delivery will bring in a mix of practical inputs; discussion and presentations; that will help give you the practical take away tools needed to plan your PR campaigns effectively

  • London School of Public Relations

    Implementing a stustainable CSR strategy (PR05)

    The one-day professional development certificated course: Implementing a Sustainable CSR Strategy; will train you on how to manage corporate social responsibility and sustainability within your organisation; There will be an emphasis during the course on how to make CSR work efficiently alongside other strategies; to achieve successful objectives for the organisation; CSR will be viewed from the point of view of enhancing reputation; reducing risk and managing brand image

  • London School of Public Relations

    Improve your presentation and pitching skills (PR06)

    During this practical one day presentations and pitching skills course; you will learn how to develop a better presentation skill-set; focusing on body language; delivery; confidence and communication skills; Our leading PR professionals will help you improve your public speaking and pitching skills; The training includes effective presentation techniques to allow you to present professionally and with confidence

  • London School of Public Relations

    Strategic and financial analysis for PR professionals (PR13)

    The Strategic and Financial Analysis for PR Professionals industry-focused development certificated course; will provide you with an overview of the analytical business tools used to facilitate planning and forecasting

  • London School of Public Relations

    Managing risk and crisisi (RC05)

    The one-day Managing Risk and Crisis professional development certificated course gives you the tools to predict issues and manage risks; with a step-by-step guide on how to handle difficult situations during a crisis; The course will be led and delivered in a practical and hands on way; by leading risk and crisis professionals; The emphasis of the course is how to prepare for the unexpected;

  • London School of Public Relations

    Managing media handling & press campaigns (PR12)

    This practical one-day Managing Media Handling & Press Campaigns certificated course is open to all who want to improve their media planning and press release writing skills no matter what the role in your organisation: whether in a start-up; a marketing professional; PR manager; press officer; journalists; or an inhouse communications professional; Improve your media writing skills and be confident in what you deliver to press contacts and outlets releases that are on target for your media campaigns

  • London School of Public Relations

    Press release writing and planning your media campaigns (WR02)

    The practical one-day Press Release Writing and Planning your Media Campaign certificated course is designed to train you on how to confidently engage with the media; write press releases that stand out and plan out your media campaign; During the course; we will look at the various types of media; building your media contacts and how to make your story newsworthy

  • London School of Public Relations

    Managing your crisis media handling (RC01)

    The Crisis Media Handling course will be delivered by award winning journalists who are also trained professionals in reputational matters; crisis PR and media interview techniques; They will provide expert guidance; practical solutions and presentation skills so that organisations manage crisis situations under the glare of the media and stay calm under pressure

  • Informa Connect

    Innovation Mini MBA

    Over the course of 5 days; you will work through B2B and B2C business simulations using case study methods employed by top business schools. The programme develops skills from post-it to prototype; offering valuable skills to be transferred back to your organisation. Learn from innovators from 13-08 Creative Concepts; Innovators Inc and HJ & Associates.

  • Informa Connect

    The Business Case for 5G: Maximising ROI

    5G is envisioned to be a unifying connectivity fabric that will connect virtually everything around us. During this 3-Day Masterclass; you will explore the realities behind 5G true capabilities and possible business models. 

  • London School of Public Relations

    Planning your marketing and digital communications (PR14)

    Strategic marketing focuses on how to develop a competitive advantage through the drivers of shareholder value; Our approach is to explore marketing as a multi-faceted business process; involving creativity and innovation; alongside analytical and strategic skills; Delivering value to your business requires insight into your changing marketplace and decisions regarding how to match your organisation’s distinctive capabilities with valuable opportunities

  • Socitm Ltd

    Empowering Women East Day 3

    This programme is anchored in giving you the confidence to be who you are; embracing the diversity you can bring to the leadership team and helping you deliver this skilfully. Encouraging you to face challenges that hold you back; you can use the tools; techniques; insights and confidence you gain from this programme to go back into the workplace with enhanced self-confidence and determination. With deliberate honing of your leadership approach and tactics to influence others and make a change.

  • Informa Connect

    Harnessing AI to optimise sales and marketing

    This training offers attendees the right tools to understand the impact of AI and ML in marketing; sales; and CX and prepares them to harness AI to improve efficiencies across different business functions

  • Incisive Media

    Customer identity: Can a great user journey be truly secure too?

    This webinar will explore the key questions that organisations face when deciding how to manage customer identities – Including those around data management; encryption; password policies; multi-factor authentication; risk management; scaling; and compliance.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Business writing (WR05)

    The practical Business Writing certificated course is designed to help you shape your business writing style in order to deliver and adapt key message to target audiences; You will learn how to improve clarity and accuracy in your writing

  • London School of Public Relations

    Writing for the web (WR07)

    This one-day Writing for the Web certificated course trains you in how to prepare; write and edit web content for online digital audiences; The course is delivered by leading writing professionals with direct experience for writing content for the web; You will be trained in developing your writing style to produce content for online publications and websites

  • London School of Public Relations

    Picture Research (ED02)

    The LSPR Picture Research course is recognised as being the UK’s leading training course in this subject; The course is suitable for those interested in pursuing a career in picture research and picture editing; those in the early stages of their career or those who require refresher training to keep up-to-date with any changes affecting the industry; The course keeps abreast of new developments; with special attention paid to the impact of digital technology and the role of the Internet; Member of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies [BAPLA]

  • London School of Public Relations

    Sub-editing (ED04)

    Learn the core skills required to edit news stories; features; blogs and more to professional journalistic standards; The two day course will train you in the fundamental techniques of editing raw copy text; or even your own writing; into attention-grabbing and highly readable stories; as demanded by content publishers worldwide; It is aimed at a broad range of participants; from self-starter bloggers to experienced journalists who require formalised refresher training

  • Export Unlocked Limited

    Understanding Exporting

    We will cover all areas in International trade; preparing you for Exporting goods from the UK. We will cover all areas of Export ; Documentation; Role of the Freight Forwarder; Commodity codes; and trade agreements;; Incoterms 2020. The importance of Documentation and the role of HMRC.

  • Million Makers - Dragons Den Sessions

    Million Makers is an entrepreneurial fundraising challenge; that sees teams of employees from organisations across the UK aim to turn Ł1;500 of seed funding into Ł10;000 or more for The Prince’s Trust; through innovative fundraising methods; over a 6 month period. Participants gain skills in leadership; project management; financial forecasting; marketing and teamwork – all whilst raising money to support unemployed young people across the UK.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Strategic planning; presentation & media skills (for PR professionals) PR(10)

    The course focuses on how to create communication campaigns; manage strong brands; create a cohesive corporate identity; engage well with the audience and clients and create strategic media communications plans; There will be a focus on how business and financial analysis helps reduce financial and reputational risk; provides a greater understanding of trends and an improved return on investment

  • London School of Public Relations

    Planning your crisis communications (RC04)

    The one-day Planning your Crisis Communications certificated course will allow delegates to start exploring how to prepare messaging and communications plans in readiness for risk and crisis situations; We will explore both unexpected and slow onset crises caused by internal and external issues; You will learn about the different types of methods for determining risk to use as a basis for preparing crisis communications plans; Delegates will learn about the key elements of crisis communications; how to formulate a crisis management plan and how to relate the plan to both internal and external communications

  • Pageant Media

    European Captive Summit – Virtual Edition

    A new; exclusive virtual event for the European Captive Insurance industry. Captive Review in partnership with ECIROA is excited to announce the reformatted European Captive Summit’s – Virtual Edition. Presenting an innovative and immersive experience; making it the first interactive European captive event of 2020. The format allows Captive Owners and a select group of industry Professionals open and closed-door discussions; the sharing of ideas and peer to peer learning; at a time when sharing best practice couldn’t be more critical.

  • Socitm Ltd

    Top Talent London Day 1 & 2

    Top Talent will help you accelerate your career progress by harnessing and honing your leadership skills. Technology is changing the way we deliver public services. In these times of disruption; our sector needs leaders with vision; talent and insight. True leadership is about people; not processes. Effective leaders think critically; take risks; inspire others and innovate in order to affect change. This programme is for people who have the talent and accountability to become outstanding leaders. Those who drive change through collaboration and passion. Top Talent encourages you to focus on your unique qualities; develop confidence in your own abilities and to create impact through action: empowering those around you to the betterment of all.

  • Incisive Media

    Deskflix Cyber Security

    Covid-19 has plummeted organisations into a world of the unknown. Making the rapid change to remote working of course comes with huge risk factors. Whilst human error has always been one of the biggest risk factors for cybersecurity; suddenly this threat has multiplied. IT teams are finding themselves having to secure an influx of end-points; support their infrastructure; and ensure that all employees are aware of possible threats. With many organisations dependent on remote working; the last thing you and your team need is an attack.

  • Export Unlocked Limited

    Understanding Importing

    Covering all the all aspects of Importing; this course is designed for people who are at different levels of Importing from beginners to individuals who are in the role of Importing and want to understand the different procedures in International trade; covering Incoterms; Importers Responsibilities ; Rules Of Origin and Commodity codes. Preference Documents; GSP Countries; Special Procedures and International Trade agreements.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Leadership and presenting skills (PR08)

    This professional development training programme in Leadership and Presenting Skills is designed for senior managers and those in leadership or executive roles; who need to present ideas to a variety of stakeholders and audiences; The course fuses leadership skill development with presentation skills; in recognition of the highly interdependent nature of these competencies

  • London School of Public Relations

    Strategic Managemenet (ML05)

    This practical strategic management course will thoroughly prepare delegates on how to create and implement successful strategies; which result in giving organisations competitive advantage; The concept of a strategy as a plan that guides managerial decisions is central to the training;

  • London School of Public Relations

    Creating high performance teams (ML03)

    The practical Creating High Performance Teams 1 day professional development training course helps to advance core skills that enable managers and leaders within businesses develop and maintain high performing efficient teams; During the course; you will explore concepts around teamwork; team Performance Indicators; ways to encourage teamwork; the various roles in a team; group development group dynamics; cohesive teams; the importance of team leaders; ways to motivate team members and effective methods to reduce conflict

  • Export Unlocked Limited

    Understanding Exporting

    We will cover all areas in International trade; preparing you for Exporting goods from the UK. We will cover all areas of Export ; Documentation; Role of the Freight Forwarder; Commodity codes; and trade agreements;; Incoterms 2020. The importance of Documentation and the role of HMRC.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Influential personal branding

    This one day Influential Personal Branding certificated course will help you unlock the key to Executive Presence and create impressive impressions on others; You will explore the power of body language; voice; tone and pitch and charisma in making an impact on others.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Become a strategic communications and media relations consultant (PR07)

    Becoming a Strategic Communications Consultant course helps you prepare for a career as a freelancer; The strategic approach to communications and media consultancy requires clarity on vision and goals; The course is designed to train you on how to confidently engage with the media; produce content and plan your media campaigns; During the course; we will look at the various types of media; building your media contacts and how to make your story newsworthy

  • Incisive Media

    Beyond the perimeter: Why remote working doesn’t have to mean substandard cyber security

    Many businesses are now having to facilitate home working for the first time. Even those that have been set up for remote access for years may not be equipped to enable home working on the scale we are witnessing during this pandemic. There is no doubt that COVID-19 is creating additional security threats as attackers attempt to take advantage of the increased proportion of the workforce spending more time online at home; working in unorthodox surroundings. The reality is that if organisations don’t equip employees with the appropriate security tools; policies and training; a compromise or a breach could bring the whole business to a grinding halt. Home working shouldn’t prioritise productivity at the expense of security.

  • London School of Public Relations

    Copy editing (ED01)

    The one day Copy Editing certificated course is highly practical; very thorough and specific in its content and delivery; Through a series of practical exercises; you will learn to approach the printed word in a more analytical and critical way; allowing you to spot errors quickly and have the confidence to rewrite everyday text into concise; precise and compelling editorial copy at high speed

  • UK Body Talk Ltd

    The Complete Dynamic Presenter

    This 2-day event is designed for you to gain a dynamic and persuasive communication style boosting your impact and influence for important meetings; presentations and public speaking. The theory sections of the course will be taught with everyone together; then personal coaching and practise will be provided for individuals; working in smaller groups; to give everyone as much time to improve as they need. We make sure each person will be confident using their new skills in any situation; with time to ask questions and explore how to use the techniques in specific real-life situations.

  • Haymarket Media Group

    SC Digital Congress

    SC Digital Congress is a platform that will deliver this business critical content and support senior cyber security professionals in this unprecedented time of change. With plenary discussions that look at the future of cyber security development from CISOs perspective and the future role of women within it; as well as 3 streams of content dedicated to providing workshop style in-depth insights on: Cloud & Network Security Protecting Your Organisation from Ransomware; Endpoint Security.

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