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Property CPD Events in June 2020

  • Urban Land Institute Europe

    Life sciences after the pandemic: the emergence of a real estate investment class in Europe?

    Life sciences is a significant and growing occupier across Europe. Its expansion in the last few decades has been created by ecosystems that successfully combined the triple helix of universities; governments and private companies to attract investment. In Europe; despite continued growth; the life sciences sector is not yet understood by the real estate industry or recognised as a distinct investment sector. Global experts in the Life Sciences sector will discuss how Europe can learn from lessons from the US addressing topics like the growth prospects for life sciences; risk/return characteristics; operational management; and the potential role in investment portfolios.

  • British Council for Offices - BCO

    BCO Scotland Webinar 'Nesessity is the mother invention - new tech developments to allow us to get back to work safely

    In the first of our ‘Turbo-Charged Trends’ series of webinars – which will look at themes and trends within the Scottish commercial property sector that have been catalysed by the Covid-19 pandemic – BCO Scotland invites you to a webinar ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention’.

  • Bayfield Training Ltd

    Real Estate Analyst

    This two-day course provides training on financial modelling for commercial property investments using Excel. This course teaches how to build from first principles. Create robust rent functions and fully flexible scenarios that instantly improve your competitive edge in the real estate market. It includes a further two month’s support after completion.

  • Bayfield Training Ltd

    Real Estate Investor

    This two day course is 100% hands on in Excel and is categorised as Advanced-Financial modelling. The Real Estate Investor course follows on from the Real Estate Analyst course widening the application financial modelling and commercial considerations to new sectors; geographies and project types. Delegates are provided with a step-by-step guide (manual) and completed financial modelling spreadsheets. Two months’ post course support is also provided.

  • Urban Land Institute Europe

    The Value of Culture in Placemaking for Communities and the City

    Culture; music; art; food and entertainment have a crucial role in the development of vibrant communities and in ensuring the livelihood of cities. This webinar discusses the value of placemaking for communities and the city; and the key factors to develop it successfully. What is the role of art; culture; food and entertainment in communities and what is needed in terms of infrastructure? How can we ensure the cultural elements are considered at the beginning of the development process and well-looked after following completion? How important is placemaking to foster community engagement and inclusivity? How will the COVID-19 crisis evolve and impact future placemaking strategies?

  • Bayfield Training Ltd

    Real Estate Modelling Masterclass

    One-day course. A 100% hands on in Excel. Pre-requisite: Real Estate Investor or advance excel knowledge. This financial modelling course is intended to the most ambitious modellers in the property industry who would like to be fully proficient in building complex real estate models. Delegates will work with examples of localised models and case studies; Monte Carlo analysis; cash flows related to P&L and balance sheet; portfolio analysis and aspects of real estate performance metrics. Course material is created; designed and updated by Bayfield. Bayfield provides delegates a manual and completed financial modelling spreadsheets. Two-months post course support also provided after the course.

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