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CPD Events in July 2020


    Fire Protection in Buildings

    A free half-day seminar designed to inform individuals with responsibility for fire prevention; on their legal responsibilities and how to ensure the competency of those they appoint to help meet them. Through a series of short presentations; BM TRADA and a panel of industry experts will provide essential guidance for those responsible for the fire prevention measures in their buildings; on their legal responsibilities and how to ensure the competency of those companies and individuals they will need to appoint to help meet them.

  • Esanda

    Carbonate Reservoirs

    The course provides a detailed look at carbonate rocks and the sediments that make up these rocks and examines concepts and models of diagenetic changes in carbonates.

  • Esanda

    Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering

    Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering provides a comprehensive overview of key reservoir engineering concepts.

  • Socitm Ltd

    Top Talent Manchester Day 1 & 2

    Top Talent will help you accelerate your career progress by harnessing and honing your leadership skills. Technology is changing the way we deliver public services. In these times of disruption; our sector needs leaders with vision; talent and insight. True leadership is about people; not processes. Effective leaders think critically; take risks; inspire others and innovate in order to affect change. This programme is for people who have the talent and accountability to become outstanding leaders. Those who drive change through collaboration and passion. Top Talent encourages you to focus on your unique qualities; develop confidence in your own abilities and to create impact through action: empowering those around you to the betterment of all.

  • Open Forum Events

    Smart Nation 2020

    The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The UK will need to apply emerging technologies in a coherent and cost-effective manner to thrive – particularly in a competitive; post-Brexit landscape. This conference programme will present models and initiatives that operate at national and local levels to deliver integrated services and information that citizens need – assessing how they can be adapted to the UK’s infrastructure; geography and economy to create a coherent strategy for a Smart Nation that embraces transformation in the way services are delivered in cities; towns; healthcare; connectivity and agricultural settings.

  • British Educational Suppliers Association

    LearnED Roadshow- Helping teachers maximise the use of EdTech in the classroom

    The LearnED roadshow is a series of CPD events taking place in ten English regions. The event is run jointly by BESA and the Department for Education (DfE). LearnED is a conference for head teachers and senior school leaders and will aim to inspire and inform school decision-makers through peer-to-peer panel discussions about the effective use of EdTech to improve teaching and learning outcomes; assessment; support leadership and management across the whole school.

  • E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems SA

    SDCA - Swiss DolorClast Academy - training course

    Training on Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy in theory and practice.

  • King's College London

    Cognitive Remediation and Emotion skills Therapy (CREST)

    The aim of this workshop is to relate theoretical knowledge of emotion processing to therapy for anorexia nervosa as well as teach and practice the skills required to use CREST with this patient group. This two-day workshop will include teaching; video presentations; role play and practice in small groups. The topics covered in the workshop include: Theoretical background of CREST; How CREST is tailored for use with people with Anorexia Nervosa; Preliminary findings from pilot research and randomised treatment trials; Assessments; Group format using CREST principles; Working with adolescents; How CREST contributes to general formulation and treatment programme; Future Developments.

  • Roger Bullivant Limited

    RB Breakfast Club

    Piling & Foundation Engineering CPD

  • Medilink East Midlands Limited

    Creating Valid Evidence & Evaluation for the NHS

    You will be introduced to the evidence you will need to develop; how it will be assessed and evaluated to review the value of products; interventions and services to the NHS; including their cost-effectiveness. With insights provided in to the principles and models of evaluation and principles of study design for evaluating health care interventions; you will start to develop the kinds of evidence that the healthcare system really want to support their buying decisions. There will also be the opportunity to learn about the possible route to finding funding trials. This is the third part of 3 CPD accredited workshop series designed to get you ready to successfully secure business with NHS organisations.

  • The Maydays

    Improvisation Skills for Business

    The workshop is an introduction to Improvisation skills and how they relate to business and personal life skills. It is highly experiential and immersive. We we take participants through some of the core skills of improvisation and how they help us to generate meaningful relationships; take risks; become more self-confident and be more resilient and agile in a fast-changing environment.

  • Esanda

    Field Development Planning

    The intention of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the steps required to achieve an optimal integrated field development plan with accurate lifecycle cost estimates for oil and gas developments.

  • Esanda

    Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

    The course provides a comprehensive overview of the oil and gas exploration and production industry from a historical current and future perspective for both non-technical and technical staff. The principles of exploration development and production will be covered and complemented by what is happening in the industry and what the future holds. The full lifecycle of exploration to product delivery will be covered.

  • MA Exhibitions

    8th International Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention Conference

    This unique one day conference will bring together multidisciplinary expert international speakers to explore and investigate issues surrounding wound infection; identification; prevention and management of pressure. This conference will examine research in these areas and relate it to clinical practice; giving health professionals a genuine insight into how research can be put into practice and improve health related quality of life for patients.

  • Bayfield Training Ltd

    Introduction to Real Estate

    A one-day course to help you understand the real estate sector; its characteristics and its importance to the general economy. This course will help anyone supporting or moving into the sector with the knowledge and tools to communicate effectively with real estate professionals. By the end of the course delegates will have gained key skills in Real Estate Investment strategy and Analytics. They will also become familiar with the players; structure; general terminology and overall needs of Real Estate.

  • Bayfield Training Ltd

    Real Estate Analyst

    This two-day course provides training on financial modelling for commercial property investments using Excel. This course teaches how to build from first principles. Create robust rent functions and fully flexible scenarios that instantly improve your competitive edge in the real estate market. It includes a further two month’s support after completion.

  • Bayfield Training Ltd

    Real Estate Developer

    This two-day course provides training on financial modelling in Excel tailored for a developer. Analyse residential and commercial builds to help understand the impacts of phasing; growth; over-runs and costs inflation. Also learn how to incorporate flexible debt solutions to ensure the viability and success of your project.

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  • Fire Protection in Buildings 01-07-20 View Details
  • Carbonate Reservoirs 06-07-20 View Details
  • Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering 06-07-20 View Details
  • Top Talent Manchester Day 1 & 2 06-07-20 View Details
  • Smart Nation 2020 08-07-20 View Details
  • LearnED Roadshow- Helping teachers maximise the use of EdTech in the classroom 10-07-20 View Details
  • SDCA - Swiss DolorClast Academy - training course 11-07-20 View Details
  • Cognitive Remediation and Emotion skills Therapy (CREST) 14-07-20 View Details
  • RB Breakfast Club 15-07-20 View Details
  • Creating Valid Evidence & Evaluation for the NHS 15-07-20 View Details
  • Improvisation Skills for Business 15-07-20 View Details
  • Field Development Planning 20-07-20 View Details
  • Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production 20-07-20 View Details
  • 8th International Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention Conference 27-07-20 View Details
  • Introduction to Real Estate 27-07-20 View Details
  • Real Estate Analyst 28-07-20 View Details
  • Real Estate Developer 30-07-20 View Details
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