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Finance CPD Events in July 2020

  • Urban Land Institute Europe

    ULI Europe Webinar: Confronting the Pandemic – What’s going on in Capital Markets? – 1st July

    Hear from a panel of senior industry experts on how public and private capital markets are reacting and responding to the global crisis we currently face. Panellists will talk through the current state of affairs from their perspective; the opportunities and challenges they are seeing; and how they see differences in the markets and capital sources as they look towards recovery. Through this facilitated discussion; participants will also be able to submit questions to the group who will answer as many as possible.

  • Russell Investments

    Value of an Adviser: Bulls vs Bears

    Historically bull markets have lasted longer than bear markets and have more than made up for any losses. In this webinar we discuss the lessons learned from previous market cycles and how you can use these to help your clients today.

  • Fitch Learning

    Quantum Economics and Finance: The Quantum Coin Trick

    Quantum economics and finance uses quantum mathematics to model phenomena including cognition; financial transactions; and the dynamics of money and credit. This talk takes a particular route into the subject; through a discussion of the quantum coin. Unlike a classical coin toss; which can be either heads or tails; a quantum coin can be – like Schrödinger’s cat – in a superposition of states. This gives it intriguing properties which can be used to simulate everything from the prisoner’s dilemma; to the credit relationship; to the pricing of options. The talk is based on material the book Quantum Economics and Finance: An Applied Mathematics Introduction.

  • Willis Towers Watson

    TCFD and Climate Risk for Your business

    This course is designed to provide delegates with a better understanding of the drivers of climate risk and potential regulatory changes in the next few years.

  • Pageant Media

    US Captive Summit

    The 2020 US Captive Owners Summit takes a change in direction. The Summit will explore the challenges; trends and factors risk management teams should consider when future-proofing their captive operations. Presenting an innovative and immersive experience; the format allows Captive Owners and a select group of industry Professionals open and closed-door discussions; the sharing of ideas and peer to peer learning; at a time when sharing best practice couldn’t be more critical.

  • Incisive Media

    Professional Pensions Live

    We are excited to announce that Professional Pensions Live will now take place as a virtual conference and exhibition between Monday 13th – 15th July 2020; running from 10am to 2:30pm on each day and is set to be the industry’s largest virtual gathering. Recent research with the Professional Pensions audience indicates that the vast majority of the industry are not planning to return to their offices and resume face-to-face business until much later this year. However; in this time of great uncertainty; there remains a great need for understanding the latest developments in pensions and the challenges facing the industry.

  • Institute of International Monetary Research

    IIMR Money Webinar Series

    The IIMR Money Webinar Series summer term 2020 will cover key topics in money; banking and central banking. We will give special emphasis to the analysis of bank regulation and banking systems; particularly their role in the creation of new money balances. We also address the expected effects of the policy responses given to Covid-19 crisis. Speakers include Professor Geoffrey Wood (University of Buckingham); Lars Christensen (Economist); Marcel Magnus (European Commission) and Diego Zuluaga (CATO).

  • The Private Office

    Inheritance Planning: What about Pensions?

    Inheritance Planning: What about Pensions? The Coronavirus pandemic has allowed many of us time to ponder how our wealth can be passed down through the generations. At TPO we have seen an upsurge in the requirement for advice on the Financial Planning needs and tax efficient ways of passing cash; pensions; investments and other assets to children and/or grandchildren.

  • Implementation of Basel Capital Adequacy Frameworks in Nigeria: The challenges & opportunities.

    The focus of the event is to examine the challenges/difficulties financial institutions in Nigeria face(s) in implementing Basel Bank Capital Adequacy frameworks (Basel II; Basel III & Basel IV).Also; the benefits/opportunities of implementing the Basel Capital Adequacy frameworks will also be discussed at the event.

  • Fitch Learning

    Recent Trends in Products and Models for FX Derivatives

    The FX Derivatives market has long since widened beyond currency hedging solutions for international corporate companies; and now offers tailored hedging for institutions and the retail market. Yield enhancement strategies have also reached the private banking industry. In this talk; Uwe will highlight the most recent developments; looking specifically at dual currency investments and target forwards. A market making bank distributing its FX derivatives through an electronic trading platform will have to ensure fast; robust pricing of vanilla and exotic contracts. Uwe will compare vanna-volga; local volatility; stochastic volatility; stochastic-local volatility; and mixed local volatility to identify the pros and cons of each and shed some light on model risk. Finally; Uwe will combine the products and models to see which model is most suitable for which product class
  • Asian Venture Capital Journal

    AVCJ Southeast Asia Virtual Forum

    This virtual event will bring together leading GPs; LPs; and industry players to connect on am interactive digital platform; transcending borders and time zones for a two-day conference into the Southeast Asian private equity and venture capital landscape; and to help equip attendees for the rebound. Through interactive panel discussions and live Q&A sessions; this online event aims to provide delegates with practical and actionable insights into the current investment outlook across various regions and sectors. This digital event will encourage thought-provoking discussions; collaboration and networking between 30+ speakers and 700+ attendees globally- all from the comfort; convenience and safety of your device.

  • Asian Venture Capital Journal

    AVCJ Singapore Private Equity and Venture Forum

    The AVCJ Singapore Forum is unrivalled as the most influential gathering of regional institutional investors; fund managers and service providers since 2010.This year the Forum celebrates its 10th anniversary as the leading Southeast Asia focused private equity and venture capital gathering and will bring together more than 320 industry leaders to engage in a frank discussion on how the region can capitalize on the growing interest from investors across the asset classes.Operational improvements; value creation and the exit landscape are some of the themes to be discussed by more than 130 LPs and leading GPs at the forum.

  • Willis Towers Watson

    Fundamentals of Insurance Part One - The Basic Principles of Insurance

    This webinar is designed to give delegates an understanding of the basics of general commercial insurance; including insurance terminology; key features and principles of insurance; main insurance processes and key documentation. Please note that this webinar is part one of a series of four however they can be accessed independently.

  • Wisdom Tree UK - formerly ETF Securities

    AI: Investing in technology with the potential to change how industries operate

    This webinar explores how investing in Artificial Intelligence may enhance an investment portfolio.

  • The Private Office

    Inheritance Planning: What about Pensions?

    Inheritance Planning: What about Pensions? The Coronavirus pandemic has allowed many of us time to ponder how our wealth can be passed down through the generations. At TPO we have seen an upsurge in the requirement for advice on the Financial Planning needs and tax efficient ways of passing cash; pensions; investments and other assets to children and/or grandchildren.

  • TwoTwoFive

    LNG Live Online Academy - Week 1

    The LNG Live Online Academy is a live online series of courses that incorporates real-life physical LNG trading simulations; giving you the opportunity to become fully immersed and interact in a trader’s real environment: experiencing the physiological highs and lows of commodity trading. There are 8 interactive courses in the LNG Live Online Academy. Each course features an interactive online 1-hour pre-read; a live session streamed for 2 hours and hosted by an expert former trader; and a knowledge check.

  • Sage

    Sage Sessions Online Conference

    This is a virtual Sage event taking customers; accountants and partners through the Sage roadmap as well as thought leadership sessions – there will be different tracks for accountants and customers. This request is for accountants in UK and Ireland.

  • Pageant Media

    REFI Global Investors Summit

    The REFI Global Investors Forum will bring together the biggest names in real estate to take stock and discuss what the future holds beyond the coronavirus pandemic. Through a series of online panel debates; presentations and 1-2-1 networking; the Forum will tackle the most pressing topics currently facing the industry; as well as looking forward to what happens after the crisis is over; and how asset managers can overcome the resulting challenges and capitalize on the emerging opportunities.

  • Wisdom Tree UK - formerly ETF Securities

    Battery Technology: Driving the energy transition in a world of climate change

    This webinar explores how investing in Battery Technology may enhance an investment portfolio.

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