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Construction CPD Events in November 2020

  • Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

    Wellbeing Workshop - Balancing Life & Work

    This Workshop explains what work/life balance is and how it differs for everyone. It teaches practical techniques for improving work/life balance and helps the induvial to recognise the mental; physical and social benefits in achieving this balance.

  • Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

    Wellbeing Workshop - Managing Stress

    The aim of this Workshop is to identify what stress is and learn some top tips to manage pressure/stress; recognising triggers to anticipate any problems and plan how to solve them.

  • Roger Bullivant Limited

    RB Breakfast Club

    Piling & Foundation Engineering CPD

  • Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

    Wellbeing Workshop - Building Resilience

    Gives an understanding of what resilience is and how this impacts our lives. It teaches practical tools to help build resilience to sustain good health and energy in our every day lives.

  • Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity

    Wellbeing Workshop - Mindfulness

    Using Mindfulness techniques regularly can benefit mental; physical and social well-being. This workshop explains what Mindfulness is; how to recognise its benefits and demonstrates 5 practical steps that can be used daily to experience these benefits.

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