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Education CPD Events in November 2020

  • Merimna Institute

    Inlays & Onlays Step by Step Approach From A to Z

    Dental inlays and onlays are a dental procedure that is used to restore a decayed or damaged tooth to its original condition and can actually strengthen it. They are a more conservative approach than a dental crown because they don’t involve the removal of healthy tooth structure. For this reason inlays and onlays are considered a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment and for many dentists and patients is a much better choice. A crown; although not a bad procedure; involves the removal of more healthy tooth structure than needed and can increase the risk of tooth fracture and the need for a root canal treatment.

  • Ascentis

    Employability: Delivering Skills for Adult Provision

    This event will be tailored to independent training providers that focuses on delivering employability skills to adult provision.

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  • Inlays & Onlays Step by Step Approach From A to Z 21-11-20 View Details
  • Employability: Delivering Skills for Adult Provision 27-11-20 View Details
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