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Energy CPD Events in December 2020

  • dmg events

    World LNG Virtual Summit

    With a focus on LNG demand recovery and the role of gas in the energy transition; the World LNG Virtual Summit will bring together the leaders of the global LNG & gas business to recap and align strategies for the future. The Virtual Summit will replicate many of the features that the in-person has become known for over the past 21 years. In addition to a purely business-focused programme featuring the who’s who of the global LNG & gas industry; it will also include the annual World LNG Awards Ceremony; masterclasses; live Q&A with speakers; interactive roundtable discussions and private meetings.

  • NS Media Group Ltd

    The New Statesman Virtual Fintech Summit

    The New Statesman ‘ESG & Investment Strategy’ Virtual Conference is a world-class platform to present your ESG & investment solutions to key decision makers looking for new and innovative approaches to sustainability. The aim of the conference is to enable delegates to find new ways of driving profitability through making sustainable investment decisions.Join thought leaders; institutional investors and regulators who will examine current regulations; key trends and developments.

  • Urban Land Institute Europe

    ULI Europe Digital Programme: Reuse and Recycle – Positive Change through Circularity – 16th Dec 20

    A circular economy looks beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model and aims to redefine economic growth. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources and designing waste out of the system. Some say that that growth in population and further urbanisation without this paradigm shift would otherwise lead to environmental degradation; pollution and; potentially; social unrest as people compete for limited space; food and commodities. This webinar will learn more about the business case for circular building based on some leading best practices and explores the challenges and opportunities. Our speakers will talk about what is needed to raise further awareness on circular development.

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  • World LNG Virtual Summit 01-12-20 View Details
  • The New Statesman Virtual Fintech Summit 02-12-20 View Details
  • ULI Europe Digital Programme: Reuse and Recycle – Positive Change through Circularity – 16th Dec 20 16-12-20 View Details
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