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CPD Events in March 2021

  • The Independent Schools Association

    [SLP] Leadership: Using self-evaluation measures for school improvement

    This course aims to enable schools to take charge of their own evaluation processes; turn the resulting data into useful information that supports school improvement in a coherent and manageable manner.

  • London Management Centre (LMC)

    OCP1 Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

    Communicating effectively and the ability to get your message across in a direct and authentic way is key to effective management and leadership. The assertive behaviours that delegates will develop will help them to stand up for their position and to persuade others to see their point of view. This course has been designed to provide tools and techniques to apply open; direct and honest communication; developing core interpersonal skills to become more confident and effective when dealing with employees and clients. The course will also demonstrate the value of Emotional Intelligence; listening skills and delivering valuable feedback.

  • London Management Centre (LMC)

    OLD1 Leadership Development

    Success of an organisation largely depends on determined; focused and motivated leaders who are able to see the big picture and advocate guiding principles; while coping with operational challenges. Irrespective of changes in goals; strategies or types of work; leaders must be able to sustain surge and velocity in fast changing markets. This intensive course will focus on providing key skills and knowledge to leaders in order to steer an organisation in all circumstances.

  • London Management Centre (LMC)

    ODM1 Decision Making and Problem Solving for Leaders

    Effective decision-making and problem solving are key to business success. Companies can sustain competitive advantage and improve overall business performance by making better and faster decisions and executing them more effectively. This course will equip delegates with tools and techniques for decisive and skilled decision-making and problem solving. This forward thinking approach will help them outperform their competitors and become market leaders.

  • London Management Centre (LMC)

    OSF1 Strategy Formulation and Implementation

    In today’s rapidly changing economy; modern strategies must be flexible and adaptable. The course is designed to equip delegates with an understanding of strategic issues and their importance in the survival and growth of an organisation. It will expose business leaders to modern approaches which will allow them to shape the future of their organisations and display the principles of strategic thinking.

  • The Independent Schools Association

    Maintaining and fulfilling staff recruitment policy and procedures

    This course will give delegates the opportunity to learn about the expectations of the recruitment process and how to ensure that its requirements are correctly evidenced. Delegates will have the chance to work with an experienced safeguarding specialist who will be able to advise on regulatory requirements and assist schools in developing their procedures and associated checklists.

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  • [SLP] Leadership: Using self-evaluation measures for school improvement 05-03-21 View Details
  • OCP1 Effective Communication and Presentation Skills 07-03-21 View Details
  • OLD1 Leadership Development 09-03-21 View Details
  • ODM1 Decision Making and Problem Solving for Leaders 21-03-21 View Details
  • OSF1 Strategy Formulation and Implementation 23-03-21 View Details
  • Maintaining and fulfilling staff recruitment policy and procedures 24-03-21 View Details
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