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Media CPD Events in December 2020

  • Incisive Media

    The M&A Industry Landscape for MSPs

    Recent years have seen a veritable frenzy of consolidation at all levels of the channel; as well as an insatiable appetite from private equity. Despite a lull in M&A action caused by the initial lockdown in March; the last couple of months have seen the return to pre-pandemic levels of interest in buying and selling in the MSP space; from channel veteran Andrew Harman returning to the industry with a majority stake in Apple reseller Academia to Ricoh’s recent acquisition of MTI.

  • Incisive Media

    Going forward with IBMi: which way now for the system formerly known AS/400?

    IBM’s AS/400 series; launched in 1988; and better known these days as IBM i; has had a long and storied history. More than three decades on; and countless upgrades later; the system is still in use and; despite the ‘legacy’ tag; independent research suggests most users plan to continue their usage; even to expand it; rather than migrate away. Three decades of continuous use mean that many enterprises working with IBM i have highly tailored and tightly bound business critical apps that are at the heart of operational workflows: ERP; business intelligence; supply chain; payroll; finance and invoicing – even web applications.

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  • Content Production Workshop 13-10-20 View Details
  • Annual 20th  LEAF International (Leading European Architecture Forum) 15-10-20 View Details
  • Advice: am Misleading Advertising 20-10-20 View Details
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  • The M&A Industry Landscape for MSPs 02-12-20 View Details
  • Going forward with IBMi: which way now for the system formerly known AS/400? 03-12-20 View Details
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