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Sport CPD Events in February 2019

  • Youth Sport Trust

    YST 2019 Conference – Transforming Education Through Sport

    Strapline: Transforming Education Through Sport Overview: The Youth Sport Trust 2019 Annual Conference will focus on what it means to transform education and schools through Physical Education; sport and play. Radical; innovative thinking is needed to ensure we educate young people in a sustainable and healthy way. This conference will showcase evidence and examples of how schools are doing this. Schools and their leaders from across our membership network of more than 4;000 schools will talk through how they are transforming the lives of their students through the strategic and innovative use of PE; sport and physical activity.

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  • Leaders Sport Performance Summit: Florida – 29th August 29-08-18 View Details
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  • Leaders Sport Performance Summit: London 12-11-18 View Details
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  • YST 2019 Conference – Transforming Education Through Sport 28-02-19 View Details
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