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This event took place on 18th March 2020, so you won't be able to enquire. They may run the event again in the future. Contact the member by visiting their profile using the 'Member Profile' link above.

Doing more with less sounds like an advert for one of the high street supermarkets; but it’s what every council across the United Kingdom is having to do. With less money being distributed by central government; councils are having to find innovative ways to save money; increase efficiency and generate income. Many councils are well on their way to achieving either or both of these things whether it be combining and sharing resources with another council; renting out office space to SME’s or everything in between. Change is here and changes will continue to happen! During this meeting; all attendees will be able to share their own experiences and the challenges they are currently facing. In addition; you will then have the opportunity to look at different ways of addressing these problems and an overall look at where we were; where we are and what needs to be done to get to where we need to be.

Shrigley Hall Hotel & Spa
Pott Shrigley
Nr Macclesfield
SK10 5SB

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