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This event took place on 16th March 2020, so you won't be able to enquire. They may run the event again in the future. Contact the member by visiting their profile using the 'Member Profile' link above.

This half-day workshop program; gathers together some facts about doctors’ resilience; and offers insights and new skills. The assumption is that doctoring is inherently stressful. Burnout proceeds from the early stage (irritable and exhausted) into cynicism and dissociation. Patient overload and declining job satisfaction then make an already difficult job feel impossible. Neuroscience throws light on ways of reducing burnout risks; for staying sharp under pressure and for regaining the resilience and energy we need to sustain a long professional life; and for creating some necessary change in our overloaded dysfunctional workplaces.

St Andrew's Stadium
B9 4RL

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