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Engineering Sector

Continuing Professional Development is a fundamental part of any career within all disciplines of engineering and ensures engineers keep up to date by improving their skills & knowledge on a regular basis.

The Engineering Council states that all members of professional engineering institutions within the engineering sector have obligations to undertake CPD. One of the main functions of the engineering professional bodies is to support the improvement & development of their members. The professional engineering institutions work alongside the Engineering Council to advise on CPD, by providing guidance, resources and mentoring programmes.

CPD in the Engineering Sector

CPD not only develops the engineering sector as a whole, but equally the individual career aspirations of engineers. Engineers are encouraged to take ownership of their learning & skills improvement, as well as their general development requirements. Engineers are advised to build a CPD plan and undertake various activities, record & reflect upon the learning, and evaluate any objectives met against their personal CPD plans.

The aim of this CPD approach is to create a conscious attitude to learning that helps engineering professionals personally benefit, in addition to as their employers and society at large. CPD annual requirements vary depending on the engineering discipline placed in the context of the requirements of the institutional body concerned.

Professional Bodies

  • Engineering Council
  • Institution of Royal Engineers (InstRE)
  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • Association of Building Engineers (ABE)
  • Institution of Engineering Designers (IED)
  • Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE)
  • Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering (CIPHE)
  • Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM)
  • Society of Environmental Engineers (SEE)
  • Institute of Cast Metal Engineers (ICME)
  • Institution of Engineering & Technology
  • Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
  • Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
  • Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE)
  • Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

Engineering Sub-Sectors

Engineering Members

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