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Politics Sector

The United Kingdom has a long history as a major protagonist in international affairs and politics. The UK remains a significant political, economic, cultural and military influence around the world. Having started the twentieth century with a commanding global empire, the UK has had to redefine its position in the world in the light of an ever changing political landscape.

Changes in legislation, new political leadership and policies, cuts in spending or new investments, as well as external socio-economic influences all effect the ways in which individuals, businesses and organisations work within society. Each must continuously adapt to the evolving political environment, making the most of new opportunities and working within a context of practicable constraints.

CPD in the Politics Sector

The vision of politics is to inspire communities, take responsibility for group social areas of impact and necessity, and drive forward a consensus for a better future for the people and demographics that political power represents.

Courses and training in the political sector typically cover political analysis, policy making, political theory, lobbying, ethics, campaigning & campaign funding, debating, influencing skills and network-building, bilateral and multilateral negotiating, speech writing, reporting, as well as media coaching and public speaking skills.

The Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom was founded in 1950, with the main objective to promote the development of political studies and encourage education and learning improvement in the art and science of government, as well as in other divisions of political sciences.

Professional Bodies

  • Political Studies Association
  • European Consortium for Political Research
  • Political Studies Association of Ireland
  • Economic and Social Research Council
  • National Centre for Research Methods
  • Quantitative Methods Initiative

Politics Sub-Sectors

Politics Members

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