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Organisation Description

1000 Lives Plus is the national improvement programme supporting organisations and individuals to deliver the highest quality and safest healthcare for the people of Wales.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Improving Quality Together (IQT) Bronze Level

    Online Course | 1000 Lives Plus

    1000 Lives Plus

    This is the national quality improvement learning programme for all NHS wales' staff and contractors, which builds upon recognised local, national and international expertise. It is a foundation level e-learning package which equips the learner with quality improvement skills and is suitable for staff across every discipline, including non-clinical functions and at every level.

  • Perinatal Community of Practice (COP) Conference

    Event | 1000 Lives Plus

    1000 Lives Plus

    The NSG is now convening the first Community of Practice (COP) event to help promote service improvement and the sharing of good practice. A community of practice is defined as: “A process of social learning that occurs when people have a common interest in a subject or area; collaborate over an extended period of time; sharing ideas and strategies; determine solutions and build innovations”.

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