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The Data Protection sector is full of scaremongering GDPR-obsessed cowboys. Many of them are refugees from information security jumping on the GDPR bandwagon. I am not one of these people (they don’t like me). I am a trainer and consultant who is here to help you understand the real challenges of Data Protection and other information laws, not to drown you in hype or sell you something you don’t need.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • GDPR DPIAs and Audits

    Training Course | 2040 Training

    2040 Training

    The consequences of handling personal data badly can be severe in terms of GDPR fines and reputational damage. This practical course covers two ways to manage the risks effectively. Carrying out impact assessments before starting a new project allows you to anticipate and deal with problems before they ever arise. Meanwhile; a programme of audits that examine whether your staff know how to handle data and are following your internal rules and controls will identify areas for improvement. Although a legal requirement in many cases; these tools are a positive and effective way to spend your DP time and resources.

  • Data Sharing Masterclass

    Training Course | 2040 Training

    2040 Training

    Of all the Data Protection issues that challenge an organisation; data sharing is the most persistent. This practical course sets out a clear set of questions that you can apply to any situation where you need to transfer personal data to another organisation to make sure that you achieve your objectives while not falling foul of the GDPR and Data Protection Act requirements. How to justify disclosures; set up good sharing relationships and avoid being fined are the key components of the course.

2040 Training
Courthill House, 60 Water Lane

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