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Organisation Description

2Simple Software have been creating powerful educational software for children age 2-11 for twenty years. Our software is now used in classrooms and homes all over the world; loved by learners, teachers and parents alike. We are committed to making teacher’s lives simpler with user-friendly, high-quality activities to meet many areas of the curriculum, and to making children’s’ learning more exciting – with constantly-updated apps and programs to introduce, reinforce and inspire learning in every child.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The digital classroom with Purple Mash

    Training Course | 2Simple Software

    2Simple Software

    This CPD is for school staff new to Purple Mash or wanting a refresh of the service and will cover all the essentials for beginning to use Purple Mash in teaching and learning in school. It will cover classroom management; curriculum planning; setting work; recording/monitoring progress and a selection of creative software for use across the school.

  • Capturing observations on the move: Evidence Me

    Training Course | 2Simple Software

    2Simple Software

    This training is for school staff new to Evidence Me or wanting a refresh of the service. It will cover all the essentials; from beginning to use Evidence Me, to capturing and recording observations in school. It will also cover monitoring, tracking, engaging parents and generating reports. The CPD will be discussed with the school before the session in order to establish prior knowledge and familiarity with the software and tablets being used.

  • Teaching Coding to Primary Pupils

    Training Course | 2Simple Software

    2Simple Software

    This training is for teachers/support staff who want to be able to deliver; monitor and assess effective; varied and engaging coding lessons using different tools in Purple Mash. It will cover a number of different Computational Thinking approaches and Concepts in order to encourage the planning; creating; exploring; predicting; running and modifying of code. It will look at progression of coding experiences appropriate to different ages; abilities and Key Stages from Year 1 to 6 including challenges for pupils at greater depth.

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