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Organisation Description

Able Training, specialists in managing aggression and violence and the workplace providing first aid, food safety, conflict management, physical intervention, child and adult care training and more. Operating throughout the UK, Able Training provide person-centred training, designed to give you results that stick.

Onsite training can be held at a venue of your choice and times to suit you. Each course can be tailored and adapted to meet the needs of your workplace or job. We work hard to make our courses interactive and engaging to help attendees enjoy their day.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • 3 Day Breakaway and Restraint Course

    Training Course | Able Training Support

    The course explores the causes of challenging behaviour within the required setting and pro-active strategies for reducing behaviours; de-escalation strategies for managing a situation once it has escalated; dynamic risk assessment principles to help staff recognise the appropriate course of action and then the law regarding physical intervention. It then teaches staff physical techniques including disengagement; defence techniques; basic guiding and holding/restraint techniques for varying risk levels and situations.