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Organisation Description

The About my Brain Institute develops brain-friendly leaders, teams and cultures through transformational experiences, digital tools and practical leadership training. The About my Brain Institute designs tools and experiences aimed at helping you rediscover your inner core abilities and converting them into the competencies required to lead in this ever-changing world.

We now know that our brains are ‘plastic’ and able to change. Anyone can own their personal development and learn how to optimise their brain to be awesome at work and in life.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • i4 Neuroleader Certification Program

    Training Course | About my Brain Institute

    About my Brain Institute

    The i4 Neuroleader Certification Program will expand your toolbox with a revolutionary brain-based and holistic leadership development model and methodology. Instil brain-friendly practices and ride the wave into the future. Face-to-face component: This blended 3-day experiential face-to-face and online certification teaches you to apply the i4 Methodology when conducting leadership development; coaching; wellness and cultural transformation initiatives. Online component: A 16-hour online certification program that covers the latest developments in brain-based leadership and how to apply the i4 Neuroleader Model & Tools when developing brain-friendly leaders and teams.

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