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We have been providing high quality learning solutions for many years. Our short courses are designed as a coherent programme ensuring scalability and sustainability. All our courses are run by experienced industry practitioners and we pride ourselves in offering innovative study options for our professional courses that allow you to mix and match your study to fit flexibly around your personal and professional life.

Our Short Course Programme is inspired by an acknowledgment that L&D professionals and business leaders now need to expand their skills and knowledge beyond that traditionally provided by professional training. This allows their organisations to be agile, resilient and innovative enough to survive the modern world they operate in.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Creating a new approach to coaching and mentoring

    Training Course | Acacia Learning Ltd

    Acacia Learning Ltd

    The nature of coaching and mentoring is changing. The rise of Gen C (with their passion for curation; community and connectivity) has seen a steady increase in the need for micro-learning; effective ways of including short; sharp; frequent bursts of self-development. This course will help you develop the skills required to motivate your team members within their busy work environment without the challenges associated with removing them for training. You will learn the importance of effective coaching and mentoring and will build upon this; helping you improve organisational performance by having a more committed and effective workforce.

  • Moving from Manager to Leader

    Workshop | Acacia Learning Ltd

    Acacia Learning Ltd

    The move from manager to leader is an exciting journey.This course helps you develop your management skills; exploring the basic principles of management and leadership and how to develop your leadership qualities and confidence. As your career progresses into more senior leadership roles you may struggle to break with your old management styles and create a new leadership approach. This course has been specifically designed to address those challenges so you can become a leader who is flexible; dynamic and effective.

  • The HR role in business strategy development

    Workshop | Acacia Learning Ltd

    Acacia Learning Ltd

    For an organisation to be effective; its business strategy and strategic HR management must inform each other. How people are recruited; managed and engaged all affect the delivery of the business strategy and the organisation’s ability to innovate and stay competitive. HR leaders have a central role to play in strategy development and this course will boost your skills in this area; introducing you to new processes; tools and evaluation methods and ensuring you are confident in working with senior colleagues to promote strategic people practices.

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