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Organisation Description

The Adapt Low Carbon Group at the University of East Anglia supports businesses locally, regionally and internationally with consultancy and investment funding. A fundamental ethos of Adapt is to develop entrepreneurial activity with an environmental and social conscience.

Our ecosystem of services are delivered from The Enterprise Centre (TEC), the UK’s greenest building. We also manage the diverse range of facilities available within the building, offering a range of tenancy options, innovative and inspirational space for meetings and events and CPD accredited tours.

Our core values are environmental sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship and championing sustainable business practice.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Passivhaus Detailing Seminar

    Seminar | Adapt Low Carbon Group

    This seminar follows on from An Introduction to Passivhaus, focusing on some of the specific detailing issues involved in the delivery of Passivhaus buildings. Taking place in The Enterprise Centre (the UKs largest Passivhaus building) this seminar will be delivered in partnership with Architype (The Enterprise Centre architects). Providing a truly unique opportunity to learn about Passivhaus directly from the design team.

  • The Enterprise Centre Tour

    Workshop | Adapt Low Carbon Group

    The Enterprise Centre Tour – The Enterprise Centre is the first large scale building in the UK to achieve both Passivhaus certification and BREEAM Outstanding. These milestones having been achieved with the innovative use of sustainable materials. This guided tour provides the opportunity to view all aspects of the building. Led by a member of The Enterprise Centre delivery team, the tour will provide insight into the design, construction and operational processes of this truly unique building.