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Organisation Description

Adfam is the national charity working to improve life for families affected by drugs and alcohol. We want anyone affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use to have the chance to benefit from healthy relationships, be part of a loving and supportive family and enjoy mental and physical wellbeing.

Drug and alcohol use can threaten and ultimately destroy family relationships and wellbeing. We empower family members and carers, support frontline workers and influence decision-makers to stop this happening. The impact of substance use on family relationships and wellbeing is both profound and varied. We approach our work with care and close attention to what works in the real world. To do this we embrace evidence in all its diversity, never underestimating the value of real-life experience as well as formal research evidence. Our work is driven by our friends, supporters and colleagues and what they tell us works.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Families; drugs and alcohol: an introduction

    Training Course | Adfam

    This one day course is for all practitioners who work with adult family members affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse. It is accessible to workers without existing knowledge of the topic and covers both the background knowledge and skills necessary for effective practice.

  • Child-parent violence; drugs and alcohol

    Training Course | Adfam

    This one day course is for any practitioner who works with families affected by substance use in their everyday work who wishes to gain a greater understanding of how children (including adult children) with drug or alcohol problems can perpetrate domestic violence against their parents.

  • Families; drugs and alcohol: advanced skills

    Training Course | Adfam

    This one day course is aimed at practitioners with some experience of working with families affected by substance use; who wish to develop their skills in working with this group of people. It provides an in-depth exploration of interventions and skills for working with families.

  • Safeguarding children from Opioid Substitute Therapy risks: a multi-disciplinary approach

    Training Course | Adfam

    This one day course is aimed at local areas and must be run as a multi-agency; multi-disciplinary learning event It enables local areas to develop a strategic plan on how agencies can work together to create a joint plan for working together to safeguard local children.

  • Children; parenting; families; drugs and alcohol

    Training Course | Adfam

    This one day course will be of benefit to any practitioner who wishes to gain both a basic insight into the issues surrounding parental substance misuse and safeguarding; together with an opportunity to practice some skills in dealing with parents who are problematic drug/alcohol users.