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Based in the UK’s manufacturing heartland, the Aluminium Federation works to expand the market for aluminium products in the UK, and to promote the interests of its members. The Aluminium Federation speaks on behalf of its members on relevant issues, and manages the All Party Parliamentary Group for the UK Aluminium Industry.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Working Organisation

    Training Course | Aluminium Federation Ltd

    Aluminium Federation Ltd

    This course enables a manager the time to discover and discuss ways to enhance their management and leadership approaches; whilst further considering ways to improve performance in their function or team. A variety of tools and techniques are used to examine the different aspects of leadership and management; and the challenges faced when attempting to deliver effective work performance through individuals and teams. Organisational and environmental dynamics facing today’s businesses are examined alongside the assessment of team dynamics and team development that are needed in today’s challenging world of work.

  • From Doing to Managing

    Training Course | Aluminium Federation Ltd

    Aluminium Federation Ltd

    Management is a set of skills; knowledge and behaviours that can be developed. This course will enable you to understand more about business and how effective business is able to happen. To take yourself beyond your identified skill or discipline to recognise and develop what you need to do differently in order to manage and lead effectively within your organisation. This course is suitable for those with little previous management development; for those who are very new to management or have only been managing for a short time; or for those who will be managing in the near future.

  • The Performing Organisation

    Training Course | Aluminium Federation Ltd

    Aluminium Federation Ltd

    This course allows managers the opportunity to discover ways to markedly enhance the overall performance of their department; function or team; and that of the organisation. Managers will examine the different elements attached to setting and delivering consistent high performance and attendance on the course will allow the opportunity to uncover current performance strengths and shortcomings. The course will further allow managers to explore different performance management systems and methodologies that can be applied back in the business. Reflection on learning from the module will then be used to set out future performance targets that are actionable and measurable.

Aluminium Federation Ltd
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