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Organisation Description

Amplity Health has significant experience of working with clinical and medical teams at all levels.
We provide facilitated learning which enables individuals and teams to discover new skills and guide their own development with support from industry experienced facilitators and coaches.
Building on the foundation of adult learning principles, Amplity Health creates a safe environment in which individuals can explore new ways of working and step out of their comfort zone in order to take their skills to the next level.
We are invested in sustainable change which supports organisational strategy and enhances individual capability.
The key to sustainable change is investment in Managers and Senior Leaders as they drive the embedding of new skills. We invest in enabling Managers and Leaders to be better equipped in managing, coaching and leading teams to success. We do this through exposure to new strategies which will motivate, inspire and maximise the potential of their direct reports.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Coaching for High Performance

    Workshop | Amplity Health

    Amplity Health

    To conduct exemplary coaching interventions is the difference between managing a team or individual to be good and encouraging them to excel. Coaching is an essential support for managers and their direct reports in pressured environments. This interactive workshop explores how to coach for excellence. Through rigorous practice using real life scenarios and utilising the Amplity Health Coaching Centric Culture tools; delegates will develop their skills on handling coaching challenges; making their interventions even more successful. Through stretching and challenging the delegates in this workshop; they will leave with a firm grasp of the key elements of coaching for excellence

  • Scientific Engagement

    Workshop | Amplity Health

    Amplity Health

    How to plan for; execute and follow-up outstanding meetings (1:1 and 1:many) with external and internal stakeholders or business partners. Delegates will be introduced to a tried and tested; robust tool with interactive exercises at each of the seven stages of the Scientific Engagement Model (SEM). At the end of the workshop; delegates leave with a common; consistent approach to planning for; executing and following up outstanding meetings with external and internal stakeholders or business partners. Once the SEM is adopted by all clinical and medical staff with customer-facing roles regardless of therapy area; it affords the organisation increased flexibility and dexterity.

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