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Organisation Description

APT Institute ensures students enrolled in painting courses receive in-depth painting training, from chemical safety and tool handling to plastering and hands-on painting experiences. A painting class in this program can transform any beginner into a skilled professional.

?The series of classes takes a measured approach, beginning with pre-technical skills and then leading into in-depth trade concepts. Lessons include brush strokes, material engineering and chemistry fundamentals covering acids, bases and solutions. Students learn how to select the appropriate tools and materials for a specific property or structure, they develop an understanding of color theory and schemes, and are able to identify material applications for floor, wall and ceiling coverings. Painting courses also provide academic study on special techniques for painting tasks.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Advanced Painters Training

    Training Course | APT Institute

    APT Institute

    Level 4 Training for Painters Working on-shore and off-shore sites.