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Organisation Description

ASCERT is a charity providing services that address the impact of alcohol and drugs related issues that affect people’s lives. We are committed to ensuring individuals families and communities are supported in the most effective way to deal with the challenges they face.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Harm Reduction Approaches & Working With Substance Misusers

    Training Course | ASCERT


    This course provides training on understanding what substances are being used, & their effects and defines the range of related risk behaviours.

  • Legal Highs & Emerging Trends (Beyond Mephedrone)

    Training Course | ASCERT


    Training on what you need to know about the risks and new classification of some of the most common party drugs.

  • Practical Ways Of Working With Substance Misusing Clients

    Training Course | ASCERT


    This course aims to develop skills and awareness relating to the development of effective professional relationships with substance users, triage and comprehensive assessments, programmes of care, harm reduction advice and guidance, and health and safety.

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