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Organisation Description

We are an international network of experts in all aspects of autism, offering specialised advice, services, training and support to individuals, families and organisations.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • The Synergy programme - Effective; Ethical approaches to 'behaviours of concern'

    Workshop | AT-Autism

    This is a one day workshop for staff working with children and adults who are considered challenging. Helping staff to understand the impact of their own behaviour on the situation and given them strategies to help them become effective practitioners.

  • Autism and Asperger syndrome for Approved Mental Health Practitioners

    Workshop | AT-Autism

    This is a one day workshop for Approved Mental Health Practitioners to improve their knowledge and understanding of autism and how this can impact on the individual’s mental health.

  • Current concepts and issues in practice and research

    Seminar | AT-Autism

    1 day seminar looking at the latest research in Autism and how this knowledge can inform practice and the ethical implications.

  • Workshop for Learning Disability Social Workers on understanding Autism and current statutory guidance

    Training Course | AT-Autism

    This half day training is to give Learning disability social workers a greater understanding of autism and co-occurring difficulties and enable them to understand the key pieces of legislation and professional guidance currently in place. Participants will be given an insight into how autistic individuals typically think and process information and be given an understanding the sensory processing experiences found in autism and how this will inform practice and services. Participants will also be given an understanding of behaviours that challenge.

  • Train the trainer 2 day course to deliver awareness level training

    Training Course | AT-Autism

    This 2 day train the trainer course offers experienced local authority staff a comprehensive grounding in understanding autism allowing them to deliver awareness level training to frontline staff within their organisation;