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Organisation Description

Australian Pan Asian Consultants is a boutique management and training consultancy dedicated to the development of individual, entrepreneurial and corporate empowerment in order to drive personal and business Growth, Efficiency and Transformation.
Our team comprises seasoned business owners and consultants, personal and professional skills development specialists and coaches, with over forty years of experience across the full spectrum of industries.
We train, coach and mentor individuals and consult businesses from the very smallest start-ups, SMEs, right through to major corporations. Our objective is to cultivate the highest levels of achievement in people so that they can positively impact the company they work for, or their very own business.
Our reach includes Australia, South East Asia including India, the UAE and Middle East.
In addition to developing business and management skills, we encourage the development of essential people and soft skills: personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, people management, leadership, collaboration, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and decision-making, because these skills are paramount to building sustained personal effectiveness, performance and professional advancement.
Our training methodologies embrace highly practical tools, experiential methods, relevant knowledge and concrete solutions that are supported by mentoring and on-going coaching to ensure continuing professional and life skills development. When it comes to consulting, our specialists adopt a hands-on approach to work with new start-ups and existing companies, including executives from the top down, in order to impact capability, effectiveness and success at all levels.

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