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Organisation Description

For 25 years we’ve been supplying standby diesel generators and UPS systems that provide our clients with reliable back-up power solutions.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Critical Power Solutions: Knowledge Base

    Seminar | AVK | SEG ( UK) LTD

    AVK | SEG ( UK) LTD

    A concise; yet comprehensive seminar providing valuable insight into the application of standby diesel generators; UPS systems and batteries to protect and guarantee electrical power.

  • ABSS Battery Storage Sizing

    Seminar | AVK | SEG ( UK) LTD

    AVK | SEG ( UK) LTD

    With a greater reliance of the grid on renewables and a strained grid in high density area; a quicker responding form of power is required. One method being Lithium Ion and or Ultra Capacitor based Energy Storage. Thus offering a focused presentation on the details needed in order to design; size and install Battery Energy Storage Systems. As a trusted integrator coercing the right details at design stage is paramount; affecting the Beginning of Life (BOL) or End of Life (EOL) requirements. Additional methods of operation add to the cycling of the battery and degradation.

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