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Organisation Description

Axis products & solutions are based on an innovative open technology platform. Axis’s A&E program provides support tools for network architects, engineers & consultants.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Ip Surveillance Systems And Their Positive Impact On A Users Power Consumption

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    This seminar demonstrates how industry standard features within IP surveillance cameras can reduce the power requirements associated with a security surveillance system.

  • Network Video: The Benefits

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    An introductory seminar focusing on the key technical differences and benefits that network video (IP) offers over traditional analogue CCTV. Features such as power over Ethernet, progressive scan and megapixel technology are covered amongst others, along with an exploration of the commercial benefits attained by using an IP solution.

  • Network Video - Compression Techniques & Optimizing Bit Rate

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    An appraisal of the most commonly used video compression techniques in network video (IP). Why compression is needed, what are the most common methods used and what impact does it have has on bandwidth, storage and system design, Mjpeg, mpeg4 and h.264 are covered and the benefits and limitations of each discussed.

  • Network Video - Image Usability

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    What is the most important element when designing a network video solution? This presentation covers image usability and looks at the design considerations when building a network video solution.

  • Network Video - Video Analytics

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    A realistic appraisal of what is achievable with intelligent video. This presentation moves away from the specification sheet and focuses on the actual design considerations when putting together an intelligent video solution. Topics covered include the impact of scene, environment and application challenges as well as managing your customers expectations. This session also examines the advantages and disadvantages of edge, central and hybrid processing.

  • Network Video - Megapixel And HDTV

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    This presentation covers the benefits and design considerations of megapixel technology. Examine the difference between hd and hdtv, including example applications and where the technology can be implemented to not only improve image quality but also to reduce costs.

  • Network Video: Making The Difference For Retail

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    An exploration of how network video can meet the security, fraud and merchandising challenges found in the retail sector.

  • Network Video Surveillance – Fit for Purpose, Fit for Future

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    This seminar demonstrates that the security sector is a diverse market place, and that whilst having similar solutions for similar applications three is considerable difference in their operational issues and as such require solutions that meet their individual industry drivers.

  • Physical Access Control Takes on a New Direction

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    This seminar focuses on using new and open IP access control devices and demonstrate the new; feature rich access control experience. It will highlight global trends and show what the average access control installation looks like based on independent marketing research. It will explain how global standards are driving the direction of the access control market.

  • Why is Cybersecurity important to Physical Security?

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    Digital and physical security are not separate systems. In today’s automated world and the ever increasing visibility of the Internet of Things (IoT); it is important for Information and physical security professionals to work together to protect physical infrastructure. This seminar will increase awareness of the Cyber Security risks when specifying a physical security system. What are the considerations and what measures should be taken to mitigate potential risks.

  • How network video can support suicide prevention on the rail network

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    This seminar touches on the impact of suicide when committed on the rail network and concentrates on how network video might contribute to its prevention. It describes current suicide countermeasures and details the size of the challenge which the rail industry faces. This paper explains how IP network video can support existing measures in order to provide an effective overall suicide prevention solution.

  • Privacy by Design and its impact on security systems when complying with the GDPR

    Seminar | Axis Communications (UK) Ltd

    Privacy by design is an approach to projects that promotes privacy and data protection compliance from the start. Unfortunately these issues are often bolted on as an after-thought or ignored altogether. Security systems contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Understand these systems and your considerations.