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Organisation Description

We’re passionate about people. The people who work, grow and develop in our business. Our people are our brand and our differentiators.
Our ambition is to continue to grow through the people, values and culture that makes us a different and better business.

Backbone Connect has grown a lot over the last decade. But our roots come from an idea about doing things differently. We were formed to bring an alternative to the traditional IT services industry. Find out how we developed from young upstarts, into experts that bring something different and better to our customers.

Our culture is collaborative, supportive and driven by our people. The environment we cultivate is key in allowing our people to improve, develop and focus. Our customers feel the benefit of happy, motivated people that genuinely enjoy helping them.

Technology is important, but it’s the real, human interactions that matter to our customers. Personalised advice. Face-to-face meetings. Real voices on the end of the phone.

People drive us, shape us, empower and inspire us. Our people are at the forefront of everything we do.

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