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Our aim is to promote understanding of relevant social issues and empower professionals young people and communities through high-quality holistic training.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Level 2 Child Sexual Exploitation: The Victims Voice

    Training Course | Basis Training

    This course is designed for all professionals working directly with children and young people who want to enhance their understanding of child sexual exploitation and would like to further develop their practice and skills when dealing with it.

  • Level 3 Advanced Training: Exploring The Practical Challenges Of Child Sexual Exploitation

    Training Course | Basis Training

    This course is a follow-on from the victims voice, and looks at theories of working with young people that are resistant to change, working with additional need and hard to reach groups, restorative practice, and motivational interviewing techniques.

  • Support for child witnesses in court proceedings.

    Training Course | Basis Training

    This course aims to share learning on the challenges facing child witnesses in court proceedings related to child sexual exploitation (?CSE?); from the victim?s perspective; how respond effectively to challenges and sharing best practice.

  • Introduction to working with Female Sex-Workers

    Training Course | Basis Training

    This course is for organisations that provide services to Female Sex-Workers. It aims to inform regarding the issues faced by them (globally and nationally); and to educate regarding different aspects of service-provision (such as: clarifying definitions and the Law on Sex-Work; understanding Sex-Workers’ support-needs; and discussing Best Practice in service-provision).

  • Advanced Working with Female Sex Workers

    Training Course | Basis Training

    This course aims to inform and educate about different aspects to take into account when Working with Female Sex Workers; including understanding Definitions; Support Needs; National Context (including policy) as well as recent innovations in the sector

  • Understanding and Responding to CSAE

    Training Course | Basis Training

    To increase awareness and understanding of child sexual abuse; including child sexual exploitation; its impact on children and young people and develop effective ways of communicating with children and young people who have suffered or are at risk of abuse.

  • Trauma and CSE

    Training Course | Basis Training

    Understanding Trauma; Attachment and how this relates to practitioners working with young people affected by child sexual exploitation. The course will also explore Vicarious Trauma; how its caused; manifests itself and how to manage it.

  • Level 1 Safeguarding Children and Young People for University Students and Teachers in Training

    Training Course | Basis Training

    Level 1 Safeguarding for University Students (mainly education)

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