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Organisation Description

The BCD-orb (online resource bank) is a dedicated website where you can search, view and download resources designed to assist you in educating children and young people in a school setting about healthy relationships. The site also has a library of resources designed to support practitioners who are working with adults, young people and children who are, or have experienced/witnessed domestic violence and abuse.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • My Family Is Hurting because of Domestic Violence & Abuse

    Workshop | Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    This course is suitable for practitioners who have a minimum foundation level of training around domestic violence and abuse (DV&A) who want to apply a ‘whole-family’ perspective to their support practice. It provides an opportunity to explore the impact on the victim; children and young people as well as the family’s daily functioning. It also considers the impact on and the influence of the wider family and considers the perpetrator’s role. Keeping children and young people at its centre; the course looks at what is needed by the children from practitioners and parents to repair the damage of experiencing DV&A.

  • Supporting Recovery After Domestic Violence & Abuse

    Workshop | Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    A workshop training day for people supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse (DV&A) who know the ‘basics’ but want to understand more about the victim’s experience and feel more confident about supporting them to recover. This interactive course will explore the complexities of DV&A; highlight the need to understand where the victim is in the process of change and examine the practitioner’s role in facilitating positive change. It will also provide access to the resources used in our Prevention and Recovery Service and guidance on when and how to use them.

  • Domestic Violence & Abuse – The Essentials

    Workshop | Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    A workshop training day providing an Introduction/Level 1 Course for people who support victims of domestic violence and abuse (DV&A) in a professional; voluntary or personal capacity. The course provides a safe; interactive programme which will lay the foundations for understanding the complexities of DV&A and inform best practice. It offers the opportunity to increase participants’ confidence in recognising and working with victims of DV&A appropriately and safely.

  • Volunteer Training Programme - Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence & Abuse

    Training Course | Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    A comprehensive; structured training programme which provides volunteer participants with a safe; interactive environment in which to learn and understand the essential elements of supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse. Delivered one-day per week over 7 weeks; this programme gradually builds to provide the knowledge and key skills necessary to provide a meaningful experience for participants and an accomplished support team for those in need. The programme encourages personal reflection and development and also provides a 4-week mentored period in which to shadow experienced colleagues before embarking on a support role

  • Supporting People Experiencing Domestic Violence & Abuse

    Workshop | Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors

    This workshop provides training to understand the essential dynamics and features of domestic violence and abuse (DV&A) from the perspective of those who experience it and/or live in a home where it takes place. These foundations are then built on with 4 different modules designed to offer more specific training relevant to working with: children and young people experiencing DV&A; adults in the counselling room who have experienced or are experiencing DV&A; HR and Personnel teams supporting employees experiencing DV&A; and Customer Facing teams in the financial sector supporting clients experiencing DV&A specifically Financial Abuse.

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