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Organisation Description

Benevolent Health provides a wellbeing solution across all levels of the organisation. Our mission is to improve mental health support globally and we believe this starts in the workplace.
Consulting with organisations to understand specialist mental health solutions
Our wellbeing coaches are experts in the field and work alongside managers to curate & deliver tailored workshops for managers or your team
Support to all
Online emotional technology to increase employee awareness of stress and improve workplace wellbeing supported by our wellbeing network of trained peer mentors

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Workplace Mental Health 1

    Workshop | Benevolent Health

    Benevolent Health

    This is an introduction to understanding mental illness; conditions and symptoms. Exploring the history of stigma in mental illness to challenge assumptions and increase awareness of the early warning signs of stress; anxiety and depression. Helping both managers and employees to increase their knowledge and gain confidence in leading meaningful conversations and signposting colleagues to the right support at the right time.

  • Workplace Mental Health 2

    Workshop | Benevolent Health

    Benevolent Health

    This is an intermediate/ advanced level workshop for managers or employers who are managing stress; anxiety and depression in the workplace. Motivational interviewing and the advanced techniques provide managers with additional tools to facilitate change conversations; navigate ambivalence and overcome resistance to manage a range of complex and challenging issues. You must have completed Workplace Mental Health 1 as a prerequisite.

  • Mental Health Awareness Online

    Workshop | Benevolent Health

    Benevolent Health

    This is a basic mental health awareness training for anyone interested in gaining more empathy and raising awareness of mental health. It is in introduction to Workplace Mental Health 1 & 2. This is for beginners and there is no pre-requisite.

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