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Welcome to the Progressive Performance Methodology (PPM), a fitness training method created and developed by Fitness Philosopher, Master Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Premier Lifestyle Coach, Physique Icon, and IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Legend Francis Benfatto, along with Director of Program Development Andrew Oye. A leader in the Global Lifestyle Enhancement movement, Benfatto Enterprises’ main objective is to motivate the world to exercise and strive to improve overall wellness.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Progressive Performance Methodology PPM Trainer Certification Course

    Training Course | Benfatto PPM Academy

    Benfatto PPM Academy

    The PPM Trainer Certification Course immerses trainers and coaches in the theoretical approach and practical application of the Progressive Performance Methodology (PPM) — a target-muscle; resistance training method that utilizes a specialized time-under tension technique and prioritizes the form of execution.

Benfatto PPM Academy
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