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Organisation Description

BNY Mellon is a global investments company dedicated to helping its clients manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Decumulation Dreaming

    Seminar | BNY Mellon

    A 40 minute seminar delivered to financial advisers covering investing in a world of changing demographics and pension reforms.

  • Deep Dive On Investing In Emerging Market Healthcare

    Literature | BNY Mellon

    This is a comprehensive educational document outlining the key differences between developed market and emerging market healthcare, the benefits and risk associated with investing in emerging market healthcare, who is investing in emerging market healthcare and what should be considered when investing into this market.

  • Deep dive on infrastructure investment

    Literature | BNY Mellon

    A comprehensive educational document outlining: The history of infrastructure investment; The benefits and risk associated with infrastructure investment; Why infrastructure is a growing area; What types of infrastructure you can invest in; Who is investing in infrastructure; How infrastructure is regulated; What should be considered when registering in infrastructure.

  • Practical Performance Measurement

    Training Course | BNY Mellon

    Investment Services Training Programme; this 1 day training workshop will introduce the fundamental performance measurement toolkit for Asset Owners.

  • Emerging markets panel discussion part 1

    Webinar | BNY Mellon

    At a time when growth in developed markets is hamstrung by high debt levels and ageing populations; emerging markets represent a source of significant growth potential. Emerging economies are benefiting from rapid industrialisation; urbanisation and the creation of new technologies. These factors look set to support demand; and in turn growth; into the future. However; many investors are deterred by the inherent risks. Certainly; emerging markets see greater volatility than their developed market peers. However; these markets are transforming. Corporate governance is improving; and many firms now pay attractive dividends.

  • Emerging markets panel discussion part 2

    Webinar | BNY Mellon

    Emerging markets have a reputation as the high octane element of a portfolio; a source of growth; but also risk. While emerging markets are certainly more volatile; there are some persistent myths about the asset class. When we look at President Trump; or Brexit; for example; can we really say that political risk is higher in emerging markets? Equally; while governance issues remain in some emerging economies; there is widespread improvement.

  • Navigating a smoother return path through evolving macro environment

    Seminar | BNY Mellon

    The presenter will discuss the evolution of global growth over the last few years; highlighting growth scares and recession risks; as well as shifting to a strong cyclical upswing. We’ll also look at how global growth evolves from here and towards moderation. The mixed macro environment will be discussed and the tools that investors could use to navigate such an uncertain; evolving environment.