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Book of Beasties is an easy to learn card game that aims to raise emotional literacy as well as inspire the open conversation about mental wellness, whilst practicing alternative simple exercises to help cope should issues arise.

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  • Book of Beasties : Wellness Workshop

    Workshop | Book of Beasties

    Book of Beasties

    Discover the origins of the award winning; psychologist endorsed mental wellness intervention for children and young people; learn how to play and deliver the game to a SEND and whole school audience effectively. How to best use the resource to introduce the open and positive conversation about mental health; learn and remember wellness exercises and activities; raise emotional literacy amongst pupils as well as use Book of Beasties to teach resilience and empathy; whilst collecting simple yet effective; OFSTED friendly information and data about the knowledge and awareness of the students

Book of Beasties
5 Aspen House
10 Forest Road, Richmond

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