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The BSA (Business Sprinkler Alliance) is an organisation that aims to enhance protection against fire through the increased acceptance and use of fire sprinklers in business premises.

Founded in 2010, the BSA aims to drive a culture change so that sprinklers are better understood and accepted as the norm for UK business buildings by raising awareness of the benefits that they can bring to businesses, people, communities and the environment. The BSA membership is made up of experts who represent organisations and trade associations that have an interest in fire sprinklers and fire protection.

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  • The Impact of Automatic Sprinklers on Building Design – Commercial Sector: Offices

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    Business Sprinkler Alliance

    This report;’ The Impact of Automatic Sprinklers on Building Design – Commercial Sector: Offices’ will enable contractors; developers; architects and consultants to gain an awareness of the beneficial impact that incorporating sprinklers can have and how they can add value to building design. Produced by leading engineering consultancy WSP; this report will give the reader an appreciation of whether the inclusion of automatic sprinklers for a particular scheme is worthy of further consideration. Through robust research and by looking at different building types and design options; the report identifies the capital and lifecycle costs; design benefits and flexibility; as well as the potential to reduce the construction programme.

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