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Organisation Description

Norfolk’s BxClinic is a leading biomechanics medical assessment and treatment centre. We specialise in issues relating to poor muscle and joint function in the lower body. Dysfunction and trauma in this area interrupts the smooth interaction of muscles and joints, causing on-going pain and disease. By finding the underlying cause of your problem through sophisticated assessment and gait analysis technology your pain can be treated and future occurrence prevented.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Orthotics Prescribers 1

    Training Course | BxLearn


    This 2-day theoretical and practical training course is for existing orthotics prescribers and those looking to start prescribing in their practice. We’ll look at when orthotic insoles should be prescribed; when they are a long term solution or a rehabilitation tool; what is good and bad pronation; prescribing Orthotics using electronic prescribing tools; how to create a treatment and review plan your your clinic. To do this safely we’ll cover the necessary anatomy, physiology, and pathology, teaching clinical assessment tools for conditions related to pronatory problems. You will graduate with evidenced based clinical protocols with tools, tests and assessments to prescribe and manage Orthotic Insole therapy using Orthotic Insoles.