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Organisation Description

Charlotte Grundy is a confidence coach and mentor with a firm belief in helping individuals achieve successful and fulfilling lives both professionally and personally.
Over the last 7 years, Charlotte has worked with clients who struggle with vocal confidence and general communication concerns, whether that be a fear of public speaking or a strong accent that has held them back in life.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Accent Softening

    Online Course | Cambridgeshire Elocution

    Cambridgeshire Elocution

    This course is designed to help people who want to reduce their accent or would like clear speech and be able to communicate with better pronunciation, diction, and articulation.
    The course is broken up into separate lessons, delivered week by week over a 6 week period. The course is made up of short, easy to understand, interactive modules that can be complete in your own time at your own pace.

  • Confidence in Public Speaking Course

    Training Course | Cambridgeshire Elocution

    Cambridgeshire Elocution

    Fear of public speaking has topped the list of phobias for several years now with many people passing up on promotions; new jobs or other exciting prospects; I want my clients to feel more confident speaking in front of an audience no matter how big or small; This is achieved by working through and understanding the mental side of fear and anxiety and learning how to control its manifestations; We work through practical techniques and exercises to improve confidence and communication.

  • Interpersonal Skills Workshop

    Workshop | Cambridgeshire Elocution

    Cambridgeshire Elocution

    Good communication skills are important for several reasons but can often be a challenge in the high stress; time poor clinical environment. Medical students are often taught to come to a diagnosis quickly and make tough decisions without showing high levels of emotion or personal feeling. In an environment that focuses on a patient centred approach; it is vital that the medical professionals understand how to build an open; trusting rapport with their patient through active listening; understanding; empathy and the correct use of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Good communication skills have also been proven to increase the medical professionals job satisfaction; increase patient satisfaction and decrease the amount of complaints made against the professional.

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